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Delivery is out in the UK, and reviews are good so far

Tuesday, May 13th, 2014

Yesterday Delivery (they kept the title the same) came out on DVD and VOD in the UK. Seems like people are into it so far!

“The main performances throughout Delivery are surprisingly great.  […] Without such strong leads Delivery may have been a less memorable affair, but Danny Barclay and Laurel Vail manage to excel as the two-person centerpiece of the film.”
” Delivery is one seriously creepy viewing experience that manages to bring a spark of originality to the found footage format.”
Terror Vault 7/10

 “It really helps that Laurel Vail and Danny Barclay, who play expectant parents Rachel and Kyle, are actors who know how to play natural without it looking like they are performing to a script.”
“It’s definitely worth a look for those not yet done with the found footage sub-genre.”
Cine Outsider

“Kyle (Danny Barclay) and Rachel (Laurel Vail) are judged just right. They are cute without being unbearably saccharine or schmaltzy. […] To have made DELIVERY about any other couple would have sacrificed the authenticity of the sequence of events. Without Kyle and Rachel being followed about with cameras, the narrative would have felt more accidental, coincidental and scattergun.”
Screen Relish 4/5 stars

“Rest assured though, DELIVERY is no DEVIL’S DUE, and as far as found footage horrors go, this one knocks it out of the park.”
“Both Vail and Barclay bring chemistry and natural charm to their roles, as well as effectively evolving into different characters completely, with the bright and bubbly Rachel becoming a nervous wreck, and the calm and loving Kyle becoming impatient and aggravated.”
“One of the best of its kind.”
The Hollywood News 4/5 stars

“Delivery does indeed deliver a nice, short sharp horror film and knows not to over stay it’s welcome with an ending that would put anyone off a first time mother having a home birth.”

“This film stayed with me a little longer that I thought it would and that has to be commended.”
Flickering Myth 3/5 stars

” The actors all hit the spot […] The tension definitely escalates, palpably, as events progress.”
“DELIVERY is a quietly compelling film, benefitting from solid performances and a taut style that helps the action race along unflaggingly.”
Sex Gore Mutants **SOME EARLY SPOILERS**

Well, I joined AFTRA just now

Monday, February 13th, 2012


I feel like I should be in a position to get a vote on my future when it comes to this merger thing, and though I’m SAG-E, I can’t afford the price tag on that yet.  I can at least get one vote if I’m AFTRA, so here we are.

Paypal no longer spec.

Tuesday, July 19th, 2011

That Paypal spec ad I was in recently was bought by Paypal folks, so I’m guessing it will get used online? Not sure, but congrats to the director and those involved!

And then more recordings

Sunday, March 13th, 2011

And then after making some time for a dinner party with some friends I went and recorded some ADR for one of the short films i did a bit ago. It was mostly breathing noises so it was brief.

Tomorrow I go back to set. I haven’t had enough down time to write out my entries about filming, but i will as soon as I can. I should be in bed now though.

New Commercial Rep

Tuesday, February 8th, 2011

Today I switched my commercial representation to Kim Gola at ABA Talent. We hit it off chatting about f*$%ed up movies. She gave me some recommendations on a few things I should do, commercial classes, etc. I’m due for new head shots, so she gave me some tips on what I should focus on to market myself as a young, hip me. :) 2011 is a year of newness! And hopefully full of bookings.

Cheerbleeders is on Itunes!

Thursday, October 21st, 2010

One of my first short films is available on Itunes now! Cheerbleeders – only $2. It is a delight and a great short for Halloween time. (contains bloody violence and comedy.)

Weekend activities

Monday, October 18th, 2010

Saturday I had an audition for a punk rock bartender character, so I went really literal and wore a Little Bar tank top and my belt with the ‘Rock’ buckle. I also got a decent faux hawk going. I think they got a kick out of it at the very least.
After the audition I went to a table read for the director of Follower. He’s finishing up a screenplay, so it was time to hear it out loud. It’s a dark character piece. I picked the snarky pot head character, since I still looked like a punk. It was kind of funny since that’s basically the character I was playing in Follower. It seemed like everyone’s feedback was helpful for him since it’s so close to finished.

On Sunday I had a rehearsal for the short I’ll be shooting this weekend. It went really well. I get to wear a really cute dress that I wish was mine. Alas, i’ll have to give it back. I came up with a funny title for the piece. We’ll see if she uses it. There’s a bit of dialog about this nightstand and it’s about two exes hooking up one night even though the guy has a new girlfriend. So I suggested ‘One Nightstand.” I am a sucker for puns!

Then I went and edited some clips of films I’ve done so I can post more media on my character pages. I don’t want a reel that’s to long, but there are some fun scenes I want to post for folks who want to see extra stuff. It took a while to render, so I’ll probably post them tonight.

Echo Game gets distribution

Monday, September 20th, 2010

The Echo Game, the feature in which I have a tiny supporting role, will be available on DVD early next year probably.
Shock Till You Drop

Black Dawn TV series update

Wednesday, September 15th, 2010

Got some exciting news about The Black Dawn TV series today. After airing on a few small networks around the country it’s been picked up by a new NBC network called NBC Nonstop. It will start airing December 1st in major cities. Pretty rad!

A day of mix-em-upsies

Wednesday, September 8th, 2010

Today was a rehearsal for the short film again. We had planned for 2pm, so I left Burbank around 1 since it’s a bit far from Santa Monica. About halfway there I get a call and text from the director letting me know it’s postponed until at least 3:30. Then when I actually get there and can look at my phone, he’s updated the time to be 4:30, which is the time I had to actually leave because I needed to get my car back to Burbank by 5:30. I thought it was because he thought I needed to get there at 4:30, but it was more because the little girl & family were stuck in traffic coming up from San Diego.

So anyway, I talk to the director and explain I had to leave by 4:30 or else I needed a ride form Burbank and a ride home afterward. Since the girl was coming all the way from San Diego he decided it was worth it to come get me in Burbank. So I drive all the way back and drop off my car. And then get a ride to Santa Monica. Whew! We get there at the same time as the family. The other actor arrives shortly thereafter. We do some rehearsing and discussing sections of the script. Mostly it was important to meet the little girl that would be playing our daughter. She totally looked like she could be our kid too!

So the girl and mom take off and we run our scene for a bit. As we are leaving someone takes the director aside and talks to him for a bit. When he meets us out front he lets us know the shoot may be cancelled.

Spoiler alert: It was cancelled.

Bummer. I mean, I had to do a bunch of driving, but I didn’t come up from San Diego. He might be able to do it in the future, but it’s cancelled until further notice.