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Contracted: Phase II – Part I

Monday, September 14th, 2015

Whelp, enough time has passed that Contracted: Phase II is now in theaters and VOD! It’s very impressive this all happened in less than a year from the film shoot. It helps that the film was already bought by IFC Midnight before production.

The North American premiere was in Chicago at the Bruce Campbell Horror Film Festival that was part of Wizard World Chicago. There were a whole bunch of us that flew out to be there so it was a ton of fun.
Film Festival Banner BCHFF 2015 Poster!

I got there Thursday and met up with Josh for dinner at this huge-ass bru-haus by the theater. It was really good and they had a full Polka band, some of which also played magical bells!

This place has the goods!

This place has the goods!

Legit bell & Polka band

Legit bell & Polka band

I drink a huge beer!

I drink a huge beer!

Josh drinks all the beers! (note really)

Josh drinks all the beers!
(not really)

Then we went to the opening night film Tales of Halloween, which was a great time! It’s an anthology of shorts, but there are a few little things along the way the connects them to at least one small town. It’s delightful. I think there are 11 segments. It’s out on VOD soon, so I highly recommend it. It was introduced by Mr. Campbell himself. Then there was an after party so we hung out with a bunch of the filmmakers (Axelle Carolyn, Mike Mendez, John Skipp I think, maybe Andrew Kasch? It was about a month ago and I’m shitty at names) as well as Tom Holland. He’s super friendly and his social media manager (or whatever her actual title is), Carrie, was a delight! We also got to hang out with Josh and Liam from Awesome Fest, from Philadelphia. It was a lovely evening.

Opening Night After-Partiers

Opening Night After-Partiers

Friday I hung out with my buddy I was staying with and visited the dog beach. It’s not often I get adorable doggy time. Then I got ready and met up with Josh to see June, which is pretty good but I had one big issue with the voice over. I won’t get into it here since this ain’t a film review blog, but it’s a good movie overall. Then we got dinner and by then it was too late to catch Fright Night. We ended up going to meet up with Josh’s buddy he was staying with and went to his friend’s birthday party at bar that was maybe called Ouija? Maybe I’m making that up. It didn’t have a sign I saw but I feel like that’s what we were calling it. If you live in Chicago, it’s across from this place:

What happens in Las Vegas Night Club...

What happens in Las Vegas Night Club…

Anyway, it was fun and I talked to some really neat Chicago Artist folks. I also played AND WON my first game of shuffle board. A successful evening.

Saturday I finally made it to the convention center to pick up my badge. By then the rest of the crew had arrived so I met up with a few for lunch near the theater. We took too long to catch the beginning of Some Kind of Hate, but we caught the middle of after Josh filled us in since he worked on it and saw it already as well.

We left before the end because Josh (Awesomefest) had invited us to be in this live segment they were doing before the Bruce Campbell Evil Dead reunion panel live stream. It was fun. I just sat there and reacted. I was just happy to be there.

Mr. Holland's input

Mr. Holland’s input

ConTV live

ConTV live

Our premiere wasn’t until 9pm, so we had time to meet a few more of us for dinner. Service was slow, but the food was good. We made it out in time.

Before the show

Before the show

Photo op

Photo op

In the theater, obvs!

In the theater, obvs!

Look how many of us were there!



& Answers

& Answers



Post Q&A

Post Q&A

The turnout was great, the reactions were loud, and a lot of people stayed for the Q&A. I got to talk about (spoiler?) the crazy makeup process I went though.

After the movie we went to a bar, then another bar, then… I think in the end we were at some bar named for a country singer I’m forgetting the name of (Looked it up- Toby Keith’s I love this Bar & Grill) which earlier had the longest line, but once we got inside, I really have no idea why. Anyway, we got hella drunk over the course of the evening.
20150823_024014 20150823_024318 20150823_024036 20150823_024043 20150823_024051 20150823_022435 20150823_022648 20150823_031517

Then Sunday I flew home!

It was a great time. I didn’t see much of Chicago, but whatever. I’ll just have to go visit again sometime. I at least got to see some of my friends that live there and also hang out with a cute little dog.

– Delivery: The Beast Within – A Recap

Monday, June 2nd, 2014

Last week, Delivery: The Beast Within was sent out into the world.

Tuesday it dropped on Amazon, Google Play, YouTube, as well as on cable. Oh, as well as on, like, every pirating site, of course.  Really that showed up before the US release, and apparently it was the US copy, not from the UK or Australia as I would have thought.

Then on Friday, it screened at 5 theaters across the country. LA, NY, Chicago, Indianapolis, and San Diego. It was a midnight movie, so I didn’t hold my breath for a full house, but it was very fun to celebrate before hand with friends and to see it with them in a theater, like a regular ol’ movie.
Leammle Noho (LA) Leammle Noho (LA) Leammle Noho (LA)
City Cinema Village East (NY) City Cinema Village East (NY)


Friday was also when iTunes released it. We thought they were going to delay it for home video release later this year, but maybe they were just waiting to do it the same day as the theaters.


The majority of critics’ reviews so far are still positive. Our IMDB rating went down, but still above average and our Rotten Tomatoes score is at 80%.


Ain’t It Cool News
The Conduit Speaks (9/10)
Indiewire (B+)
Dread Central (4/5) (4/5)
Horror Movies Uncut (4/5)
Screen Relish (4/5)
The Hollywood News (4/5)
You’ve Got Red On You (4/5)
Reel Nerds Podcast (4/5)
Weekly Geek Speak Podcast (7/10, 8/10)
Joblo (7/10)
Film Pulse (7/10)
Forge Today (7/10)
Terror Vault (7/10)
UK Horror Scene (7/10)
Vile Reviews (3.5/5)
Horror News Net (3.5/5)
Movie Freak (2.5/4)
Alien Bee (3/5)
Crave Online  (6/10)
Cult DB  (3/5)
Flickering Myth (3/5, 3/5)
The Movie Waffler (6/10)
Awards Circuit (3/5)
Film Checker (in German) (6/10)
Movie Pilot
Slack Jaw Punks
KQRS FM (reviews start at 11 min, Delivery review at 20 min)
Strange things Are Happening (DVD review)
Best Movies Ever News
Cinema Slasher
Cine Talk
Darkly Dreaming Drina
Cine Outsider
Fanboy Confidential
Horror Movie a Day
Impact Magazine
Inside Pulse
Ion Cinema
Johnny’s Cult Films
Left Lion
Legless Corpse
Minneapolis City Pages
SexGorMutants (spoiler-y)
Starburst Magazine (Mayhem)
Starburst Magazine (Celluloid Screams)
Strange things Are Happening (Mayhem coverage)
The Betamax Revolt
Top Found Footage Films

In between:

Scared Sheepless

Negative (in the interest of fairness):

Kult Guys Keep
Film Fracture
Gore Press
Movie Mezzanine
Next Projection
Obscure Endure
One Metal
Hollywood Reporter
Very Aware


We also did some more interviews. Adam and Brian talked with a bunch of folks. I did 2 phone interviews. Actually one I did in October, but it’s up now. they edited out the part where I talk about seeing it at Feartastic, which was coming up at the time.

Slack Jaw Punks (#77: Star Of Delivery: The Beast Within, Laurel Vail)
Slack Jaw Punks (#54: Delivery’s Brian Netto & Adam Schindler)
Film Pulse
Reel Nerds Podcast
Blacklist: Go Into The Story
Legless Corpse
Crave Online (includes video from LA Film Fest Q&A)
Daily Dead
Ain’t It Cool News
(Red Carpet video from Twin cities Film Fest)


Now that the film is released, I intend to go back and make my blog posts about the production public. I don’t want there to be spoilers for people who haven’t seen it yet and Google it. I haven’t looked at them since the shoot. It will be fun to remember everything.


Tickets on sale, plus a Saturday screening!

Wednesday, May 14th, 2014

It turns out we are playing at the Laemmle both Friday and Saturday nights! Both are basically midnight movies.

And tickets are on sale!

Live via Satellite, sort of – Rue Morgue’s Cinemacabre

Friday, February 21st, 2014

Last night we got together to do a Q&A with the audience in Toronto via Skype!  It was awesome.  They had us on the big screen for them. There was a slight reverb on the mic sometimes, but we could hear most of what he said with an occasional repeat. The audience didn’t have a mic, so they didn’t get the reverb effect from the speakers and were easier to understand it turned out. We never had feedback from our voices, which was good.  (When I use skype at work my coworkers often get bad feedback and reverb.)  It was great to get to sort of be there even though we couldn’t actually go.  I think the laptop was in the projection booth because we could only see a dark floor and wall.  I’m assuming they needed to hook it up there.  But they sent us pictures!

Our huge faces:

Skype Q&A

Wide view of the Royal

Goofily ass-kissing our kindly sponsor.  Also drinking:

Kraken! (sponsor on both sides)

The Royal Theater:

The Royal Theater

Here’s us on our end!


An excuse for weeknight cocktails, and a funny gag

San Francisco Trip

Thursday, February 20th, 2014

I flew up to San Francisco to go to some of the screenings of Delivery at San Francisco Indie Fest. We had drinks at Giordano Bros, a Philly-centric bar. Then dinner was tapas next door at Picaro and it was delicious! The screening was at the Roxie theater in the Mission district.  It’s one of those classic theaters that’s been around since 1909! We were in the big theater that night and it was over half full.  Not bad for a cold rainy night. We had a good Q&A.  I was pretty tired, so we just went home afterward.

Sunday I went and saw some other films.  A Field in England was super weird, but entertaining. I think I understood most of what was happening.  I think.  Then later I caught Congratulations! which is super funny and absurd.

The rest of the guys had left on Sunday, but I stayed with some friends for the extra days, so on Monday I was the only one at the screening for the Q&A.  When I went in the lobby, I realized I’d lost my festival pass.  I was like, “Um, I’m in the movie and lost my pass…” They were cool. (I never found it, but Adam gave me an extra he had so I could keep one.) We were in the smaller theater, and the projector was a little dim.  Hopefully people were able to catch the subtle stuff in there anyway. I did a Q&A after the screening by myself, but I think I did a good job answering stuff.  Someone actually asked if we shot in low light or if they artificially darkened it.  I was still thinking about the dimness and mentioned that the projection was a bit dark. He clarified and I answered about the natural lighting. I felt bad bringing it up because the theater is so nice to have us there, but I also kind of wanted to let people know that it’s not actually that dark.  Most of the audience stuck around for the questions that night, which was cool.

We had another  screening in Oakland tonight, but we couldn’t be there.  Hope they had a good time tonight!

Delivery – San Francisco Indie Film Fest

Monday, February 3rd, 2014

We are screening up in San Francisco for the SF Indie Film Festival.  It’s so close and I have some friends up there, so I figured, why not go?  So I am.  I’ll be taking a couple days off and hitting the first 2 screenings.  I rarely have time to really take advantage of these events, so I plan to actually try and see a bunch of movies there.  Also SF is great so I’ll just hang out with friends and wander the city for a few days.

Sat. Feb 8 – 9:15 – Roxy
Mon. Feb 10 – 9:15 – Roxy
Wed. Feb. 19 – 7:00 – New Parkway


Delivery – Canadian Theatrical Premiere

Monday, February 3rd, 2014

Rue Morgue is restarting their CineMacabre events, with Delivery being the first screening!  They have been on hiatus for about 2 years.  This will be a the first time in a new venue as well.


So if you are in Toronto on Feb. 20th, you can catch it in the theater!

Screamfest 2013

Friday, October 11th, 2013

Wednesday night was our Screamfest screening.  I was actually more anxious about it than I was for LA Film Fest since this audience watches a lot more horror I would imagine, and might be more analytic than most.

My husband had chorale rehearsal, so he dropped me off.  He didn’t plan on going this time anyway.  The first 2 screenings he saw stressed him out enough.  So I ended up getting there close to 7.  I had dinner.  Sort of watched some baseball.  A bit later everyone else showed up at the bar.  You can tell when because I stopped tweeting out of boredom.  I ended up forgetting to try and take pictures basically for the rest of the night.  :(

When we went to the check in table, I saw that they are sponsored by my friends’ horror prop shop Dapper Cadaver.  I flipped through it, and sure enough found a couple photos from when I did one of their catalog shoots! I was like, “Oh! I’m in here! ” and the people at the table did not care at all. the guy just sort of stared blankly at me. Ha ha.  Fair enough, dude. I was going to take a snap shot, but there were a bunch of people behind me, so I didn’t.  But I found it sort of delightful.

Watched the movie again.  Still super upsetting.  I think I don’t feel like it’s me, because I still get into it like a normal movie of strangers. The audience was much quieter than the LAFF crowd.  Less swearing every so often.  But it still got a great reaction.

It looked like most people stayed for the Q&A.  Some were similar to the ones from LAFF.  My friend John asked them if they did any Satanic research, but it was mostly just pregnancy/home birth stuff.

I was really happy to hear people weren’t sure what the truth of it was.  It’s intended to be one that you can argue about later.  Everyone can have their own theories.  Adam and Brian won’t tell anyone. I think it’s best to retain the ambiguity and let people project their own feelings into it.


The premiere of Delivery

Thursday, June 20th, 2013

Last night was the World Premiere of Delivery and it was wonderful.

Before the screening we went to dinner and drinks at Rock ‘N’ Fish which was very fun.  I had enough beers to introduce myself to our cinematographer’s wife, Joelle, who happens to play Eva on Justified which is one of my favorite shows.  I held it together and tried not to seem like a spaz.  Who can say if I succeeded? My friend Abby is also on the show, so I just brought that up.  By then it was about time to go, so I didn’t get to introduce her to my husband and he was sad.  I mean, not really, but he was teasing me about it.

LAFF Pre-Party Pre-Party 2

While we were there, the show sold out, but luckily my friends who didn’t have tickets got in via the rush line, so that was good.  I, however, didn’t realize my tickets were at will-call because the last time I was at a festival Erika and Dan had them in advance and just gave them to me.  So hilariously, I didn’t have a ticket to my own screening.  Adam, Jeff and I literally ran down 2 flights of stairs and down the block to the ticket booth (which had a Delivery poster hanging, one of 2) and picked them up.  It was fine.  We still had 5 minutes and they couldn’t start without Adam anyway.  So we got back and found our seats and they got started.

Jenn Murphy, who has recommended the film in her Staff Picks video, introduced Adam and Brian, who then introduced the film.

Delivery Intro

You guys, it’s more scary now that it’s finished.  It’s also really funny at parts, which was fun.  I didn’t turn around to watch people, but I could hear little gasps and exclamations like, “Oh No!”, “Jesus!”, etc. So that was delightful.  I also really enjoyed seeing it again and it still made me react, even though I knew what was going to happen and also I’m in it.  So I’d say it was very well received.

It ended around 11:30 I think, so about half the people headed out, but many of them let us know they liked it as they left.  Then we went up for the Q&A, which was fun to tell people about the process we went through making it.  Adam and Brian were also able to let people know that this was conceived before Paranormal Activity, though that film influenced them after they saw it later.  It made them confident that the concept would work if done right.  I think that’s an important point for people who won’t give it a chance once they hear the phrase found-footage.


After we ended the Q&A (and I finally had a chance to use the ladies room) we did the official pictures with the festival photographer.  I think I look kind of tired, but hey, it was late.




**EDIT – So I wore that necklace and then watching the film realized that I wore it in a lot of scenes.  Funny.  A lot of people thought I did it on purpose, but it was a coincidence.

Delivery World Premiere Q&A – Full of SPOILERS

Wednesday, June 19th, 2013

Recorded by Jason McDonald of recorded and posted this with his interview of Adam and Brian.