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Hi-Res Photos from Lifestyles Shoot

Wednesday, August 8th, 2012

I got a couple high resolution photos from the Lifestyles of LA photo shoot I did some weeks ago.  They came out really nice.

(Photos by Creative Content Studio)


Rockabilly style

Friday, April 20th, 2012

Yesterday I did a photoshoot for a project called Lifestyles of Los Angeles. It’s basically a fashion/editorial thing that they want to put together in a book. It was super fun. They did my hair and makeup and I got to dress in my awesome vintage skirt. I’ll be getting some high resolution shots after they’ve edited them and such.

Those false lashes felt like little shelves over my eyes. it was really weird.

One of the guys got some of us together for some group shots:

Lots of new pics posted for Dapper Cadaver

Thursday, February 9th, 2012

BJ set up a whole page of my prop pics!  I’m going to post some of my favorites on here as well.

Dapper Cadaver Catalog Shoot

Sunday, November 20th, 2011

A friend of mine owns a horror prop house and they are updating their catalog.   I guess they used to just do all straight forward shots of the items, but it was hard to tell scale, so they started using models a few years ago.  I haven’t been able to do any of their past shoots, but I was free today.   I drove through the torrential downpour, at one point panicking after driving through the deepest puddle I’ve ever driven through.  But my car was fine.

There was a pretty good turn out considering the weather.  Like 6 or 7 girls I think.  It was fun to see what the other girls brought to wear.  Some were super sexy and some were vintage.  Some had wigs.  I brought all my brightest colored dresses with fun accessories and then styled my hair in different ways.   I modeled with a big fossil looking slab, a giant alligator skull, a cemetery gate, a pin-head skull, an embalming machine, some sledge hammers,  candelabras, lanterns, etc.  It was great.  They will probably email me when they have some pictures I can post or link to.

Sirens of Point DOOM!

Saturday, May 7th, 2011

Ok, it’s actually spelled Dume, but we did play Sirens today! My friend got a couple ladies together and we went up to Malibu to do a photo shoot and a quick bit of video too. She found me a nice blue maxi dress since I didn’t really have anything in my wardrobe that worked.
We started with basically no makeup and softer looks. Then we did more dramatic makeup and more sinister shots. We climbed up on the rocks. Then the tide was coming in so we went down and stood int he water. Not as cold as we expected. Just regular cold.
We were losing light so she switched to video at the end. We were walking through the water as the waves came in. My skirt was a bit long, but i didn’t get knocked over by waves nor trip! Then her B.F. was the victim sailer down in the sand and he was a trooper- apparently there was some bug or something in the sand that was biting at him but he stayed put.

When we finished we sat and ate some crackers and cheese and wraps and had some wine. It was lovely. I’m super excited the see the pictures, especially the ones where we were climbing up on the rocks. I love climbing on rocks.

More modeling stuff

Monday, October 11th, 2010

This weekend I met up with a friend who wanted to practice some photography. I had her meet me at the park that Chris Malcolm had introduced me to. (As usual I parked too far down and forgot how to get in. I think I have it figured out now though, so next time I won’t get lost.)

The lighting was really nice because it was afternoon, and we had a lot of rain recently so all the greens were really vivid. They came out lovely. I will post them when I get them. Should be in the next few days.

New modeling shots posted

Thursday, March 18th, 2010

New pretty pretty pictures!  Thanks to Chris Malcolm!

Model 2.0!

Saturday, March 13th, 2010

It was a busy day today!  I had the second callback for the feature and then a workshop and then I went to a downtown loft to do a photo shoot with Chris.  It was awesome.  Last year I did an outdoor shoot with him, but this time we did a studio shoot.  I’m so excited to see them.  He should have them all sorted and cleaned up in about a week or so.  I think I did 5-7 outfits and changed my hair and makeup as we went along.  They will be super rad.  It’s fun because I get to wear all the random stuff I have in my closet that I rarely have an occasion for.  Plus I brought the yellow dress again and we did a fun thing outside at the end.  Other fun accessories included a motorcycle helmet, goggles, feather boa, etc.  (not at the same time)  It was a blast.  Too bad I am too short and too old for America’s Next Top Model.  Ha ha.

Then after I finished that I had one more audition.   Then I made dinner and watched TV.  Now we are watching Robocop, which is rad.  I am pooped.  Thankfully I didn’t schedule anything tomorrow so I get a real day off.  Hooray!

New Bookings

Wednesday, March 10th, 2010

Looks like I got two shorts coming up. One this month where I play a male-impersonator/ ventriloquist! How rad is that? I’m so excited. I have a fitting this week and rehearsal next week. Woo!

Then I have one in early May where I play a drug dealer. It’s an Alice in Wonderland inspired story, so I’m like the Mad Hatter. Should be fun.

Then this weekend I’m doing some modeling with Chris Malcolm again. Those are always fun. I’ll post copies when I get them.

I also have a final callback on an indie feature this weekend. We did callbacks last week where they paired up actors to be married couples and they want to pair me with another actor this weekend. Hopefully it will go as well as the last 2 sessions. We did it all improv, which I usually find really intimidating, but I hit a really good stride with the character. Whether I get it or not it’s been really good having that experience. Dramatic improv is a lot different than comedy, but at least I’m getting much more comfortable with it.

Oh, and Leading Ladies is through with color.  It’s all onto sound and titles and stuff.  Woo!  I’m hoping they will come visit soon so we can see it!  They think April could work and it should be done then.  Yay!

Better lit pictures from photoshoot

Wednesday, November 11th, 2009

Ok, here’s some pictures taken after they finished setting up.