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Site Update coming

Wednesday, February 10th, 2010

Hey folks. So Blogger is dropping ftp support, and I’ve been learning php and style sheets so I can build a wordpress site. Woo! Should have a new site up soon.

Not too much news. The video short from last month is like 95% done and looks rad. The editing is totally boss. Yeah, that’s right. Boss. They have an effect to put in and then some other little stuff. Then it will be done.

Leading Ladies is off to color and sound. Huzzah! Melanie and Shannon get to see it this coming weekend because Erika (and maybe DB?) is going out to NY. Me=jealous. They said they’d try to come out to LA soon though. I miss them. Looks like a bunch of the music stuff is going through so that’s pretty sweet. Once it’s totally cleared I can finally post the trailer! Woo!

Anyway, expect a revamped site soon. Probably an updated reel after that- with short hair footage! Probably. I’m kind of spending this month reevaluating everything I’m doing, both in normal job stuff and acting stuff and trying to strategize for the future. It’s all sort of coming together, gradually.