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Email fixed and other news

Friday, May 16th, 2008

Apparently there was a stretch where not all my emails were being forwarded as i thought, so if someone out there was trying to reach me via email, I may have missed it. My apologies. I think the situation is remedied.

In other news I’ve started submitting myself to more student and indie projects recently to work on this summer. So far I’m happy with my auditions. I’ll let you know if I land any.

Soon I’m going to audition for one of those companies that networks with CDs and other industry folk so I can get more personal experience with and feedback from them. From all accounts I’ve heard that’s where it’s at. The place I’m going to try and join is ITA Productions since they have a low yearly fee, then a pay as you go system that I can really get behind.

My day job is going to have me traveling (to Rome!) but since I didn’t know when, I hadn’t joined a networking company yet. It looks more likely to be the end of the summer for my extended trip, so hopefully I can use this summer to add more credits and meet more people.