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Why I was smoking yesterday

Saturday, February 28th, 2009

I shot a short for CalArts yesterday and it happened to involve a scene where they all ‘smoke a bowl’ like ‘teenagers’ often do… So I needed to learn how to do that and to actually inhale it so I could exhale and make it look real. The herbal stuff we were using smelled like blueberry for some reason and the general consensus from the others who smoked was that it was just awful. I agreed, but I think inhaling smoke is fairly awful regardless of what it is. But hey, at least now I know how to smoke a bowl. New skill for my resume! (not really, but I can say I know how if someone asks) I just hope it comes across like I know what I am doing and not cringing when I inhale. I didn’t have any coughing fits, so at least there is that.

And here is a little anecdote that I find hilarious, but is actually only mildly funny. So we’re sort of improvising and I’m trying to roll a joint, and failing. And I’m talking about how some kid had just showed me how the other day and that’s why I was really bad at it. I pick a name at random, which happens to be Mark. The other actor and I are chit chatting about him and at some point I’m like- Oh, he’s retarded. etc. You know, talkin’ shit about a classmate. So then later they were copying the footage and sitting about and the director mentions that and how it was funny- and that’s when I realize that his name is also Mark. Hilarious. It was like I was teasing him without even realizing it. I think it’s hilarious that I didn’t realize it and everyone else in the room had. I was sort of wondering why my chit chat got a subtle response behind the camera. I am a silly goose.

We finished everything on time. I’m done with my part and they finish up the rest today through Monday. I don’t know when Mark has to have it finished, but it shouldn’t be too long. I’m excited to see it to see how gross I look. I didn’t wash my hair almost all week and I didn’t wear any makeup and had a total break out recently (realisim!). If I don’t look like a greasy, grungy teen I will be disappointed. Actually if I don’t look like I a teen, well, that’s because I’m not, but I think me being makeup-less with zits might create the illusion. Besides, film/TV “teens” are all like my age, so there’s that.
I like being kind of freakish or gross just as much as I like dressing up and being pretty.

The only thing that sucks is that today my sinuses and throat are all inflamed from the smoking and then running around and talking all day. So now I feel like I have a really bad cold. Maybe I do. Oh well. It was worth it.

Workshop, 2 Callbacks, 2 Auditions in one day – Booyah!

Saturday, February 28th, 2009

I don’t really use the word booyah in real life, but I think today’s activities qualify for it.

Things that aren’t a good idea:

1) Scheduling a casting workshop, 2 callbacks, and 2 auditions in one day.
2) Doing so a day after you learn how to smoke and then smoke repeatedly.

Yet, I managed to do alright today I think. I feel pretty heinous now, but I managed to get to all the auditions on time except the last one. Luckily they said they would stick around when I finally finished the 3rd appointment, so I got to audition. Yay!

I actually really like auditioning now. They are always different and often interesting. I don’t like when I’m unhappy with how I do, but most of the time I feel like I did well. I felt good about today. But I’m pretty lucky in that I usually forget about what auditions I’ve done by the following day, if not sooner, so I don’t dwell on ones I am not happy with.

Anyway, I just wanted to blog a bit about what a bad-ass I am by driving all over town and managing to make all 5 of my appointments (eventually).

Echo Game Trailer

Friday, February 27th, 2009

Hey. Feeney released a trailer for The Echo Game. It’s still in post right now, but it should be finished this spring. I have a small bit role in the movie. I’m excited to see it all finished. Should be pretty cool. Check out the trailer here!

Random Cheerbleeders review

Wednesday, February 25th, 2009

There was a nice review of Cheerbleeders on a horror T-shirt site, of all places, but he had some nice things to say. Check it out. Also you can buy T-shirts.

And here is a good interview with the director/writer about the production.

It's like I'm back in high school

Sunday, February 22nd, 2009

Today I went to a rehearsal for a short film and learned how to roll a joint. I know, I know, seems like something people should know how to do by now, but I am not a smoker so it was new to me. I was not good at it, but it’s ok. I felt like i was a 12 year old watching an older sibling showing me how to do it, even though that never happened in real life. I also learned how to effectively smoke a bowl. Or at least how to pretend smoke one. We didn’t have anything in it. We might have some pretend (no, really) herbal stuff for the shoot. We’ll see if I can inhale it. I am not much of a success at trying to inhale. I guss we’ll see on friday.

Then tonight I went to my first meeting with 3 of a Kind Theater Company, Season 9. I am really, really excited. I haven’t done theater since high school so this will be so much fun. And the descriptions of the plays being written so far sounds delightful. Rehearsals are once a week so we won’t be performing until June. That’s just fine by me because I prefer keeping my schedule pretty open and flexible.

In other news I met the director of another project I’ll be doing in early April. I get to use a sword cane!!!! It’s pretty dark, a little demented, and it’s going to be oh so much fun! Sword cane.

Then I have another shoot in March probably, but we haven’t scheduled it yet. It’s about an apocalyptic virus. I guess it’s technically about the survivors of said virus.

I think that’s what I got lined up for now. Things are picking up pretty nicely this spring. Plus I found additional casting workshops to go to so that could turn into good stuff down the road.

Return to the Stage

Wednesday, February 18th, 2009

I haven’t been in theater since high school. I also hadn’t really gone out for it here in LA because I work a regular job and theater rehearsals take up so much time either way. Luckily a friend referred me to a group that meets Sunday nights and workshops original plays. Easy schedule and collaboration in the writing process? Sign me up! Well, I auditioned and got in, so now I am signed up. We start this Sunday. I’m really excited because I like working with a team.

In other news, I have a shoot at the end of the month and two next month so far. Still all shorts, but I’ve had more feature auditions lately. Hopefully feature production will amp up now that the strike is out of the question for the time being. At least that’s what people are saying.