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Site Update

Monday, March 30th, 2009

I updated the resume page (New film plus Pizza Killer got a real title!) and fixed this page. I don’t know if everyone saw it this way, but the archives panel was all wonky and bad on my machine in Firefox. It’s better now. At least to me. Seems ok in explorer too.

Aren’t my web developing adventures sooo interesting?

Upcoming projects

Monday, March 30th, 2009

I still have 3 shorts in the works for April. One is shooting this week and next week for a USC student. The other two haven’t been scheduled yet. One is the first installment of a web series and I will be a regular on that. Should be spunky and fun. The other is a dark, violent, probably pretty stylized short by a student but I think this is not for class, it’s just something he’s doing on his own. Does that make it an indie or a student film? Who knows?

And then after that… we’ll see….

Screening fiasco

Monday, March 30th, 2009

I did end up going to the screening on Friday, but it didn’t really turn out as I planned. First of all I hadn’t had time to eat anything but half a bagel that morning on set because I immediately had to haul ass to a callback that lasted the rest of the afternoon (and was stellar, but I digress) instead of staying for lunch. So then when I get home after rush hour I have a bunch of emails to check and such and then it’s basically time to go. So we go.

I figure 7 shorts under 10 minutes, I’ll be out a little past 9. But oh! The organizers decided to hold the audience hostage to watch a 40 minute meandering film about… ? It wasn’t part of the event that anyone knew about. They just put it up front for this captive audience. So after that I was hoping they might mix up the order from what it was on the ballot sheet, but they weren’t and our film would be last. I decided I should eat. I apologize to Russell and Susan and we go get food.

Turned out to be moot since the organizers weren’t so organized after all and either ran out of time or didn’t test the DVD before hand, but either way the club turned into a club and the film wasn’t even shown. Sadness! I’m sure it will later. This was only the first screening since he finished all the sound mastering stuff. I thought it was great when I saw it before, so I guess it’s even better now.

The Black Dawn: Catalyst

Monday, March 30th, 2009

Sounds pretty badass, eh?

POSSIBLE SPOILERS mixed throughout so I can talk about my acting experience.

So there is this web series called The Black Dawn and they decided to make a short film prequel to it. It will be divided up into sections for posting on the web and then put together as a film after it is published to the site. I play Lila Reed. She’s like this government scientist. Apparenlty she is also a character in a comic book they are writing, so that is extra rad.

Things started out rough because not only had I been late for the read through the week before (traffic!), I was late for the first shoot date. I HATE being late. I felt like a total asshole. It was fine, they shot something else in the time, but still. I just had no idea how long my hair takes to curl. It was looking sort of crappy, so I needed to do it, but it just took at least twice as long as I expected. Boo!
We went over time, at least on my schedule which was supposed to be noonish, and maybe a little overall for the day. Sorry guys! On the bright side, the microscope we accidently dropped totally didn’t break!

Saturday was better. I got up on time, which was miraculous since I forgot to set my alarm. Yay! So I got there extra early, not that it matters when no one else is there, but I felt better about it. The shoot went pretty well. I had some line issues, but finally got them out in the end. Phew! I think I was a bit frazzled for a while, but got better. And we finished right on time!

Sunday was an evening shoot and we got some rad shots up on the hills by the Mulholland look out point around sunset. My allergies were fiesty, but calmed down as the wind died a bit. Then we did a company move to the Glendale/east LA area to a swank house in the hills up there. There was some faux cooking and wine drinking – real, not faux – some laughs and some makeouts. I don’t really like doing love scenes because it just seems so weird in the first place, and I have a boyfriend, etc. I have this instinct to not want to kiss other dudes when I am with someone. Go figure. But I am also a professional, and makeout we did.

And that was a wrap for me, unless we need ADR or something later.

Life Between Interviews – Screening!

Thursday, March 19th, 2009


A film I was in late last year is being screened next Friday. It a cool little 5 minute thing, kind of a mid-mid-life crisis character thing. It’s fun and very well done.



1638 N. Las Palmas Ave

Films start at 8 pm
7 shorts less then 15min ea

I’m not sure if there is still a $5 donation or not.

Review of Cheerbleeders

Thursday, March 19th, 2009

Fatally Yours reviews Cheerbleeders from the Paranoia Film Festival. It was the one last week on the Queen Mary.

Another Film festival

Monday, March 2nd, 2009

Cheerbleeders is screening at Paranoia down at the Queen Mary, Saturday March 14th in the 2-4pm block. Woo!