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Minor FAIL: Wardrobe edition

Friday, April 24th, 2009

No, it wasn’t a ‘wardrobe malfunction.’ I did forget my combat boots last night though. Luckily my normal boots are black and about the same height. they just have a heel and no laces. Hopefully it won’t be noticed. Most of the shots aren’t showing our feet.

We did the fighting and killing stuff last night. It was fun. I got to be crazy laughing killer girl.

So now we are finished with that shoot. We will likely do a bunch of ADR because the generator was pretty loud.

At the end of the night the director let me keep the Sword Cane! YAY!

*(fun fact- the other 2 actors both have identical twins! Random!)

Dance Lesson 6

Thursday, April 23rd, 2009

Things are progressing really well. I worked with Jacob again today. We taped all the moves we have worked on so far so I can send the videos to the directors. Like- Look what I can d so far! We added pivots today. They are very fun and fancy. Then when we were done he invited me to come be part of a little demo for KTLA on Monday morning. They want footage of people in training for some B-roll on a piece about dance. (Yeah, that’s local news in LA, folks.) But I think it will be fun, even though it’s really early. I have been waking up in the middle of the morning anyway lately, so it will probably not even phase me.

Have I mentioned the cast?

Wednesday, April 22nd, 2009

Some Leading Ladies updates…

Benji Schwimmer – Cedric
Lacey Schwimmer – Tasi
Melanie LaPatin – Sheri
Nicole Dionne – Mona

From what I can tell, casting is totally spot on. I have yet to meet Melanie (in NY) and Lacey (mad busy). Benji and Nicole are a delight. We will be having so much fun – exhausting, exhausting fun. I’m also excited that there are big dancing names on board now because that will help sell the film for festivals and distribution. When I told my sister the updated cast she’s like- Tell the Schwimmers I’m a big fan! So I think there is a decent built in audience for this.

They got a costume designer, Markas Henry, on board now. Hopefully the measurements I sent him will be lower by the time I get out there. Gots to tighten up! I’ll be surrounded by wee dancers!

What else…? Mostly I’m doing my dance training and yoga and waiting on more details about travel and such.S tarting to put together a project binder for myself, broken down into scenes so I can add notes and character choices and such. Helps keep the work organized and it’s something to keep records in if I need to go back and see what was done.

I still have a few obligations before I leave. One shoot night left and I’ll have to return the sword cane. boohoo! Then I have a pilot for a web show in early May. That will be a 2 day shoot. I am also going to casting workshops since I already signed up a while ago. I’m just not adding anything new. I don’t want to be busy before I leave. I want time to be really comfortable in the role before I even get out there.

Oh, and then regular work. Still doing that of course. But I really like my job, so it’s not a hassle.

Dance lessons 4 & 5

Wednesday, April 22nd, 2009

I started working with Willem at Balliamos this week. I like working with different instructors because I can pick up something more from each of them. Like if I’m not getting something with one, maybe it will make more sense with another. So far I’m still on American Tango. I have done the basic, the open fan, the promenade, the corte, tango rocks, box step with kicks, and the right side fans. My frame is still a little loose at times, but I’m getting better and leading more.

No dance today because Dancing with the Stars rented the studio all afternoon. I go tomorrow morning though.

Oh, and I discovered something sort of odd the other morning at yoga- putting any kind of pressure on my head hurts like the dickens. This isn’t anything new. I was trying to do a head stand, which I can never do, but I humor the instructor and try. I assume I’m doing something wrong or whatever- like I should support the weight on my arms. Then she says someone asked how much weight should be supported by the head and she said all of it. All of it? I can’t even start to lean on my head without pain. I take it that’s not normal since no one else seemed to have the same reaction I did. Oh well. I guess I’ll keep working on hand stands instead.

PS- yoga is hard.

Singin' in the Rain….

Sunday, April 19th, 2009

Thursday night I had a shoot up in Tarzana for this strange little film I’ve been mentioning that lets me have a sword cane. I also get to dress like a Droog, which looks really cool. We shot a part when I’m skipping and dancing a bout kicking bottles, etc. and then go hide, so that’s why I was pretending to be Gene Kelley. Doubtful they would have the rights to that song, but I hummed it to myself as a skittered down the alley. The location shut down at 11, so it wasn’t too late a night.

Friday we met up at an apartment they had done all up with a giant white parachute Hung about and candles and such. It was really neat.

I was supposed to be upset and crying, but hard as i tried the waterworks were dried up. I can usually do it, and my eyes would get a wee bit misty at the corners, but not enough to be visible. Boo! So while I’m trying, the AD and DP are sort of trying to help, but they are funny, so even their suggestions seemed funny. then at one point the smart alec DP says, Imagine your mother all murdered and bloody. And for a second I thought about if i should says something or not, but I could resist because it is such a rare and interesting situation that I opened my eyes and look up at them and I’m like- “Actually… She was….: Which is true. It’s sad, but it was also almost 20 years ago and I’ve grieved and moved on and it doesn’t‘ really work to make me cry. I’m also not really upset talking about it or whatever. And at first they thought I was kidding because I was sort of amused at the situation, and there was this little moment of like- wait, for real? And I’m like – “sorry, yeah. I almost didn’t‘ say anything but I couldn’t resist.” So then the DP, who’d been making cancer jokes, etc., all night, is all- “Oh wow, I’m going to hell.” And I’m like- “Oh come-on, you couldn’t have known. How often is that actually true.” I was amused because it’s sort of a funny and rare situation. Hopefully he doesn’t feel bad about it because I don’t find it upsetting. But maybe that’s what he gets for making fun of Battlestar Galactica without ever having seen it.

Then finally, after like 1 AM we finally record my first piece of dialog- poor sound guy waiting all night for one line there. The rest was all MOS. But that’s how it goes sometime. We had to shoot in order because there were transitions involved and then blood at the end which stained my hands. Thems the brakes.

This shoot’s really fun. This week we do the rest of the dialogue and the fight! Woo! Sword Cane!

Dance lessons 3.5

Sunday, April 19th, 2009

Dance lessons are going really well. Anya is out of town sometime soon and busy a lot, so I talked to the studio (Balliamos in WeHo) where we were practicing and set up a set of sessions. They are really excited about the project. Jacob is one of managers or owners and he’ll be working with me. It went great today. I’m having sooo much fun.

Then Nicole and I went out Tango dancing (Argentinian) tonight with pair of her friends. It was really fun and it was awesome getting to try out being partners. I also danced with other people, as lead. It was funny, a guy let me lead him too. Nicole was awesome. The instructor picked her for a demo and she was great. I think she will be just as good with me when I’m proficient in the steps. We were both newbies in Argentinian though, and of course a bit clumsy at times. She is a dancer but doesn’t have tons of ballroom experience so we can sort of learn and grow together.

I can’t believe I leave in like 3 weeks! ACK! It will probably be a dance lesson almost every day and yoga on the days I have time. I was dancing on set the other night (update on that shoot coming soon) like I was Gene Kelley. Or pretending I was like him at least. I’m really enjoying exploring my movements and types of things I can do at any given time to help prepare me. God, I am so excited.

Dance Lesson 2

Sunday, April 12th, 2009

My foot work has gotten better, but I still need to keep my frame open and my elbow forward. I learned two new steps today, the Promenade and the Corte. I also learned how to start the dance. These are all things I need work on, but I’m picking it up. Anya is taking some time off to hang out with her mom soon so I’ll probably sign up for some group lessons while she’s out.

Some accolades for L.B.I.

Sunday, April 12th, 2009

Life Between Interviews won the Award of Excellence for Experimental Film from the 2009 Accolade Awards. They spelled the word ‘Life’ as ‘Live’ on the website, but it’s there. Congrats to Russell and Susan! I think the video is taken down from when they posted it for us before, but if they put it back up somewhere I’ll post a link. It’s a really nicely done film.

fighty fight fight!

Saturday, April 11th, 2009

Met up with the director, dp, and fellow actor this week for a short we are shooting this month. We worked out the beats of our fight choreography and checked out where we will be shooting. Should be fun. I have a sword cane!!!! Also a rad costume. It’s a weird piece and fairly violent, but it will be fun to make. This month is full of blood and guts for me isn’t it? I’m all about killin’ this month. At least this won’t involve animal parts.

Theme for next two months, though, is DANCE!!!! Actually I’m already on it and worked on my tango some more today. I have another lesson tomorrow. I think I am figuring out a few things I was doing wrong today- possibly trying to take larger steps than I actually need to be taking. Damn cartoons always making the tango look ridiculous! I’ll find out tomorrow if that fixed my feet issues. I think that will also carry over to my back. if I have more control in my feet I will move more naturally. I hope I am getting it right. I think I am but it’s hard to know when I am practicing on my own. I want to get good enough that I can move without looking like I am concentrating really hard. Like, effortless. Especially the tango because the swing is more big and fun with less precise steps. At least I think it is. In my limited experience, but I’ve never been around pros while dancing before. I’m actually glad there will be a lot of people there who know what they are doing very well and can give me tips, instead of me trying to rely on Erika (co-director) all the time for dance help. She will have a million other things to worry about at the same time.

Price of Progress – Homestretch!

Thursday, April 9th, 2009

Went in for ADR today. I was like 2 hours behind because I needed to do something at work that was due by 2, but it was ok because they had the foley room until 4 and I got there before 2. We knocked it all out pretty quick. I think we actually got out early. There was a lot of ADR needed because one of the days we were using a generator and it was super loud all the time. And then dogs barking, etc. Also, sometimes I was too quiet. So it’s all done and should be good now.

Man, that footage is just gorgeous. Even in the crappy protools quicktime version you could tell how good everything looks. I can’t wait to see it. It wil be done before the end of the month. Yay! Awesome 50’s boufont hair debut!