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Theater and now TV!

Monday, August 31st, 2009

The play last night was great. It was sold out. We got tons of laughs and I think everyone really enjoyed it. We have one more show in 2 weeks on the 13th if you missed it.

In other news, I was called in to shoot a reenactment show tonight. It’s called Operation Repo and they reenact ridiculous stories from these repossession guys. So I get to run out and yell at my drunk husband, etc. Should be really fun. And it will be my first TV credit. Yay!!

Plus, I just got word I booked a pilot I auditioned for this weekend. Yay! I’m not sure if it’s a web pilot or a pilot to be used for TV pitching. I have a table read Wednesday night, so I’ll find out more then.

Everything’s comin’ up Laurel!

The play!

Monday, August 24th, 2009

Rehearsals are going great. We were in the theater today. Tripped over a few lines, but all in all pretty good. They scene changes are timing out well, so that shouldn’t be a problem. Plus we have two stage helpers, one to do lights and one to handle props.
Hopefully the theater will have the AC on during the shows. They leave it off during the day, so we were mighty hot.

I’m really excited because I play 3 characters (maybe 4 depending what you count as a character).


New Commercial Agent!

Monday, August 24th, 2009

Great news! I just called in to Baron Entertainment after meeting with Rod last week and they are signing me for their commercial division. Woo!

New video on IMDB

Wednesday, August 19th, 2009

There is a behind the scenes clip for There But Not There, the Chapman University thesis I was in. It’s not narrated or anything, just some raw footage from the scene on the back porch.

Off Kilter

Monday, August 17th, 2009

Man, this weekend I was just really off. I think I’m out of the post filming depression that set in, but I’m still getting used to the rhythms of auditioning again. It’s starting to pick up a bit now, which is great because I hate being idle. This weekend was just so-so though.

Saturday I did a casting workshop and it was just ok. Not bad, but nothing to remember- which is the whole point. I didn’t really fit the character I was assigned, plus I’d seen someone else in the workshop perform it already last time he was there. So yeah, it was blah.

Then I had two ok auditions. Well, one got a callback, so that’s good. The other was fine. Then I had a party to host at home that afternoon so the rest of the day was shot for prepping Sunday’s audition.
Sunday I spent some time prepping the callback and before I knew it I had to go. So I was completely unprepared for the audition. It showed. Phoned that in. I felt bad about it, but what can you do? I misinterpreted all his adjustments. I could tell at the time, then made the mistake of clicking the link CAZT sends out and saw the comment, “Adjustments non existent…” (I don’t subscribe, so maybe he had nicer things to say later) I thought I adjusted, just totally wrong and lackluster all the way through. Bleh. At least my callback on the webseries was alright. But I just hate knowing when I do a shitty job. It hangs over my head like a bad odor all day. And I hate leaving people with an less than ideal impression of me.

So yeah, I gotta get back into doing my homework for real. It’s tough going from a big project to nothing again. At least I will have a play to work on this month.

Dr. Bonesaw!

Monday, August 10th, 2009

Don’t worry, I’m not really dead here.

Confirmation on 'Witch' going to Rome Film Festival

Monday, August 10th, 2009

I found a little more info on the Witch of Portobello going to the International Rome Film Festival. The site doesn’t list all the films yet, but here is a mention of it for an event in Cannes from earlier this summer. Looks like the festival is in October. I hope it goes over well. It was a really interesting idea. I’m in the Peter Sherney chapter, which will probably not be cut out since it’s the chapter where she becomes the ‘witch.’ Pretty exciting.

Dr. Bonesaw! Rad injury day.

Saturday, August 8th, 2009

I went over to Psychic Bunny to help out with this promo they were shooting to help get money for a low budget awesome horror flick called Dr. Bonesaw, inspired by a hilarious/sexy picture taken of Christine behind the scenes on The Echo Game a while ago.

So yeah, they want to actually make this movie. Delightful. When my friend and I showed up to help they asked if I wanted to get my head cut off and I said sure! So I played dead while they took a bone saw to my neck and squirted chocolatey blood all over. Messy, effective. We did 3 takes- the first the table shook and they weren’t getting enough splatter. I blinked when the table shook anyway. Then the second take I guess something went wrong with the tubing, but it also slooshed into my eye and I blinked. Plus it filled my ear. That’s a weird feeling. They cut that one short, which is good since chocolate syrup and corn syrup don’t belong in my ear.

Third time we got it all right and I didn’t blink. Yay! the blood started a bit early, but they can use the clip pretty early on. they won’t get the full blade coming down part is all. It lasted a little while so the actual blade, which wasn’t really a flesh cutting device, mind you, started scratching into my skin. Felt a bit like getting a tattoo. Still didn’t blink or flinch though. Yay! Best dead girl of the day. I got to see it and it’s hilariously bloody. Yay!

So now I have a bunch of welts on my shoulder/neck area, but oh well. They should heal up fine.


Topanga Film Festival Information

Sunday, August 2nd, 2009

The Night Life will be screening opening night. Reception at 7, screening starts at 8:30. Should be about an hour and a half of short films.

Abuelitas Mexican Restaurant
137 S. Topanga Canyon Blvd
Topanga, CA 90290