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Getting back in the groove

Sunday, September 27th, 2009

Today I had two auditions that I walked away from happy. Nothing to be mad at myself about or disappointed. Thank goodness. My health is getting better, so I’m finally getting my focus back.
I also had 2 good workshops yesterday, even though I was still feeling a bit ill. I think I am getting the fight back in me.

Behind the scenes

Tuesday, September 22nd, 2009

Behind the scenes clip of the neck bonesawing effect.

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Read here about this ‘Horror Movie camp’ at or here at NBC LA.

Lazy September

Monday, September 21st, 2009

This month has been uneventful acting-wise. I finished the play and I booked then left the pilot project. Other than that I’m just doing casting workshops. I took the month off class. I think I needed a time-out. Not only that but I started a medication and the effects are unpredictable day-to-day. Already canceled one audition due to nausea. I haven’t been submitting too much. I’m having trouble finding motivation to audition for stuff that doesn’t excite me. I guess I have enough footage for a reel (need to update that soon) so I don’t really need to go out for everything. Today I went to an audition, and I was just so blah. I still felt sick, wasn’t off book. Bleh. I think it’s time to bail on this prescription so I can get back to normal and start really working again.

I have been really enjoying the workshops though. The group is talented and the guests usually bring in fun stuff to work with. Next month may be pretty uneventful as well since I have bridesmaid stuff most weekends in San Diego. But I’ll be back in class and hopefully on a medication that doesn’t make me sick. 🙂

Creative Differences

Tuesday, September 15th, 2009

Well, I have bowed out of the pilot project.

I realized that I wasn’t on the same page as the producers and they should replace me with an actress who is behind it 100%. I left early on so they can easily recast with plenty of time. I just only have so much time to invest and I have to follow my instincts and choose projects I’m passionate about. Well, at least for things that will take longer than a weekend.

The producers were totally lovely and the other cast were talented fun people. I just wasn’t really clicking with the script and the direction things were going. So instead of waiting and hoping things go more the way I would like them to (and then having it be too late to leave without screwing people over), I took my cue now.

It’s been my experience that it’s better to admit you can’t do something early on than pretend you can for so long that it’s too late to leave without burning your bridges. To me it’s ok if you can’t do something because it’s easy enough to find someone who can. But if it’s past a certain point you’ve kind of wasted a lot of time and resources. And that is shitty.

So here I am taking my own advice and leaving something I know I won’t be happy doing. It’s for the best.


Monday, September 14th, 2009

Though my imdb rating is down this week, I am pleased that I am exactly 40,000. Nice round number.


Monday, September 14th, 2009

So the initial plan for the cast to meet up this week to work on the script has been postponed because the writer has to talk to legal people in terms of having other people work on it, which makes sense. I thought we had the go-ahead to work last night, but then he said no today. So now I am confused, but I’ll just wait until I hear back on it. Ah, miscommunications…

Featured on Photographer's blog

Sunday, September 13th, 2009

Vanie featured one of my shots on her blog last month. I forgot about it until just now cleaning out my Inbox.

Play and workshopping

Sunday, September 13th, 2009

Today was the final show of Negotiations. It went really well, even though our set broke once again while they brought it out. It wasn’t as bad as last time though and they fixed it quick. It’s just a 3 sided structure with a different thing on each side and it’s hinged together so it’s easier to move, but if you close it too much the hinges pull out. Oh well, they got it fixed.

So yeah, the show went great. We were last this time, so I’m not sure if the house was still full after intermission. Several surprise friends showed up I didn’t expect to be there, so that was super awesome. And now I’m done with that. Yay! It was fun, but I think I’m more inclined to film stuff than theater. I like my acting like i like my men … I like doing something once and being done with it. Just kidding. About men, not acting. I thought it sounded funny though.

Then this weekend there were 2 workshop sessions for the pilot. We came up with a lot of good ideas on how to restructure the script to be more efficient. The writer/producer is letting us take a crack at some writing and we’re all really stoked. We’re meeting this week and then we’ll bring our result in to the next meeting with him to see what he likes and what he doesn’t like. I am really digging the collaboration with this group. I think we’re all on the same page and we all understand the writer’s vision for the story and tone. I’m pretty excited about it. This will likely shoot in early/mid October. That’s the goal.

The Echo Game screening

Friday, September 11th, 2009

Well, it’s not for the public, but I am still excited it’s screening in less than 2 weeks. Yay! All of their hard work is paying off.

Table Read

Wednesday, September 2nd, 2009

I met up with the producers, writer, cast, etc. for the table read of the comedy pilot. The writer and exec. producer are a married couple. They are having someone else direct, but I don’t think they decided on one yet.

I think this is going to be a really fun experience. They want to have rehearsals with everyone so we can help shape the pilot and make it more natural- use improvisation to rewrite scenes that aren’t working, etc. They are originally from Kosovo, so English is a second language and he’s eager to work with all the actors on shaping it and making sure it flows for American television. I mean, they’ve been here for years, but it’s always a little different writing in another language.

It’s pretty awesome because I have a really great character to work with and I get to dive in and fill it out. They are both also actors and want this to be a really character driven show. The idea is fun and all the characters are unique and interesting. Plus the cast are great. There are a few holes to fill but most of the parts are cast. We’ll be shooting at the end of the month, so they have some time.

Pretty rad.