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Better lit pictures from photoshoot

Wednesday, November 11th, 2009

Ok, here’s some pictures taken after they finished setting up.

Set snaps from Wing costume

Wednesday, November 11th, 2009

Here are some snapshots the professor took while they were setting up. I’ll probably get some more shots from the director soon as well.
Most of them look like I’m waiting around (which is what I was doing while they set up the film camera) but here are two that don’t look as blank.

Overbooked! Not really though

Tuesday, November 10th, 2009

Man, I jam packed my schedule this week. 3 Auditions, 3 Rehearsals, 2 workshops, a party for my commercial agent and a shoot. Plus my day job and social life. And the writing workshop.

I was looking at my calendar and my next day off right now is November 22nd. Man. I’m the hardest (non) working actress in LA. 😉 I am doing one of those agent showcases next week though, so who knows, maybe that will go somewhere toward theatrical representation.

TV credit for Black Dawn

Thursday, November 5th, 2009

Now that Black Dawn has TV distribution, I have a new credit as part of the TV series. I’m not sure if they recut the footage into new episodes or aired the whole film as is within the episode as a single flashback, but cool either way. Looks like they are airing the series as 3 episodes on TV. Our section will air November 11th, but not in LA. Oh well.

Fairy punk rock princess time!

Monday, November 2nd, 2009

Today I had a quick photo shoot at USC. One of the directors I’ve met along the way needed a model for a recreation of a scene from Ever After, where Drew Barrymore enters the party with her awesome wings.

She decided to go more edgy and punk rock. I brought a plethora of accessories and various costume options. Luckily I hoard clothing ‘just in case’ and I ended up wearing a partly see through top I’ve had in the closet for years and never even tried on. Surprise! the belly is see through too! It’s not scandalous or anything, just a funny surprise. Then she found some lovely blue and purple sheer wings for me to wear.

It was pretty quick. They were doing various lighting and camera lens changes for the class exercise, but it wasn’t super elaborate. A dolly up and down and there was a fog machine. Otherwise it was mostly aperture tests and such. I’ll get copies of stills from the shoot. They took some still shots as they went a long, but I think most of the focus was on the motion camera to see how the lighting choices play out on film.

I did my makeup pretty awesome. I was so proud of myself I took a phone snap for posterity, just in case. (I’ll probably post the stills on the site when I get them. )