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Ouija and spirits and aliens, oh my!

Saturday, January 9th, 2010

This week I had a short shoot. It’ s supernatural thriller. We did it faux documentary style, so it went mega fast! It was a good thing since some of the sites had people randomly wandering around or cars driving by to contend with. Plus one of the sites was an actual abandoned building where a security guard had to tell us to leave – life imitates art! He was nice though and let us shoot for a few minutes since we were just in our car.
There will be some effects shots that need to be put in, but it probably won’t take a long time before they finish it. It’s mostly just lighting effects which they can likely make in aftereffects.

Nothing else coming up yet. Been getting more commercial auditions, which is rad. I had a few over the holidays, including a call back on a snickers ad. Things are picking up. I did a mailing to theatrical agents and sent postcards to casting offices. I’m doing another agency showcase soon. Still doing casting work shops weekly. Had a great one today. He spent a lot of time with each person. One of the people joked it’s because he took a while off workshops until recently and wasn’t sick of us actors yet. Ha ha.

In other news, Leading Ladies is basically picture locked. I’m saying basically because I think they are still working out the music rights on some stuff, and if they can’t secure the rights then some of the music numbers will have to be recut to different music. Making movies is complicated. Right now I’m keeping my fingers crossed we get into SXSW. They will announce in February, so we have a while to wait. I know people who will probably be going there anyway, so it would be extra great to get to show them the premiere. Send happy thoughts to Austin! Happy lesbian ballroom dance thoughts!