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What can I learn from this?

Wednesday, March 31st, 2010

Sometimes you have a bad day. Well, maybe not outright bad, but a day where you know you can do better. Today was one of those. I had a second callback on a project I really, really want. Not only because it’s an exciting project, but also something that hits close to home for me.
I did great at the audition and the callback, but today I really didn’t. I’ve been on a new medication and was feeling sick, so I didn’t eat much, hence no energy. I knew it, they knew it. They had me go get something to eat and come back for the second session with the 3 actors. It was better. The first one I wasn’t sure what I should be doing since I didn’t know his lines (I didn’t have any), but to be fair he spaced out each sentence and I thought he was done. We did it again once I had it figured out. The second guy I did great. (We found out we had a mutual friend in the waiting area, so we had chatted and had great chemistry.) They third guy I was better than the first but not as good as the second. So one good one out of 6 takes (well, 2 then 4)? Ugh.

Ok, so there it is. I’m hoping they take my other sessions into account more than today. But hey, I did what I did and sometimes you have a bad day. Maybe I get it anyway, maybe I wouldn’t have anyway. Either way it’s out of my hands now.

But the reason I’m writing about it (since I rarely mention my auditions here) is because I want this to be a learning experience whether I get it or not.

In the future, what can I do? Ok, so I feel sick and don’t want to eat much. I should eat anyway. Caffeine can be my friend- Ice tea- caffeine without the sugar, so I don’t get too hyper. I’d like to just tell myself to focus, focus, focus, but if it were that easy I would have. Mainly I should at least try to avoid being lightheaded and tired, whether I feel like eating or not. On the bright side the side effects of this medication will wear off and I should be fine in a few days.

Ah well, C’est La Vie.

New IMDB credit – Don’t Be Afraid

Tuesday, March 30th, 2010

Don’t be Afraid is up on the IMDB. I’m listed as ‘self,’ because it’s done like a documentary, in case you were wondering. I’ll leave it like that for now. I can go in and submit an edit, but I’ll leave in case it was intentional and ask Djon if he minds how I categorize it. Woo!

The Night Life goes international

Monday, March 29th, 2010

The Night Life will be in A Night of Horror International Film Festival in Sydney, Australia. Looks like it takes place about the same time as Sonoma. It’s a world-wide me double shot!

Funny Business shoot

Sunday, March 28th, 2010

Got up early this morning to shoot my scenes for a student film for LA Valley Community College. My costume was rad. Stripey wool pants, tan button down, suspenders and a belt, round sunglasses, beige bowler, bow tie, and one of those knit winter hats (I forget what the name is) but with the top cut off so it was like a neck and mouth covering. I had it on all day so I still kind of feel like it’s on my face. Weird. Anyway, I looked way sinister. Once again I forgot to take a picture for myself, but I’ll get someone’s or post once I get footage. Oh and I also had a really creepy Dummy too.

So luckily we started with the heavy stuff. As the day went on I got pretty tired, so it was nice to have it out of the way. I think it went really well. Patrick, the director, seemed really happy with it. I shoot a guy in the nether regions, and then later I shoot a guy in the head. They don’t show it, but they had a few special effects of the guy whose guts would be blasted out. Then I was also shot. We did all that and then the rest of the actors came for my other scene where I just have to sit there with my dummy. So even though I was tired, it didn’t matter. I just have to shoot that guy in the head and look creepy. Oh, and operate the dummy. It was a simple pull-string kind and easy to use.

At some point the zipper on the vintage pants I was wearing disintegrated all at once and the teeth went all over (like those nightmares where all your teeth keep falling out.). I managed to get the zipper down enough so they would come off and then pinned it, since by then I was mostly sitting at the table and they didn’t see it. Sucks about the pants, but that can happen on vintage stuff. Hopefully they can replace the zipper without affecting and value of the pants. The wardrobe girl, Alanna, owns a vintage shop so we got to use a bunch of stuff from her collection.

Near the end of the day, my 2 sports bras that were keeping my feminine figure in check (I was disguised as a man) started getting really itchy and I was really warm with the wool pants and neck wrap and hat. But then we finished. I even made it home in time to catch the last 3 matches of Wrestlemania. (We recorded it so I watch the good parts I missed later.)

Very fun character stuff, violence, some blood, and finished in one day. Not too shabby. launching soon!

Sunday, March 28th, 2010

Remember that awesome alien makeup thing I got to do recently? Well the series will be up and running next week according to the producer on Facebook. I may or may not be in it, since I was making a dating video to be either part of the site or possibly used in the series.

Also cool is that they ended up casting a friend of mine – Brooke Lyons – in one of the roles. I was rooting for her after I saw her headshot in their final 2 for the Ruthie character when I was over at Joy’s for the makeup. Small world!

Delivery – (new feature) first meeting

Saturday, March 27th, 2010

This morning we had a breakfast meeting at Home. (Yum!) It was me, Micheal (plays my husband), Adam and Brian (the creators/producers/director). They told us about the story and about developing it over the past year. Apparently they have a script, but we won’t get to see it until after we shoot! All the dialog will be improvised. It’s going to be fun and challenging. Certain things they will only tell to one of us and then see how it plays out, etc. I’m super excited! I forgot to ask if I can talk about the plot or my character, so I won’t yet. It’s going to be pretty great though. We have homework assignments too so we can start building up our back stories and spend more time hanging out so we will have chemistry on screen. They gave us the basic breakdown of our characters and of the story. Then we fill in the rest. We’ll be shooting in June probably, so we have time to hang out and stuff.


Wednesday, March 24th, 2010

Well, the directors let us know tonight they were accepted to The Sonoma International Film Festival, so Leading Ladies will be premiering there on April 17th! It’s not posted to the site yet, but there is the link anyway.

AND! It will also be showing at the Miami Gay and Lesbian Film Festival on May 1st!


New modeling shots posted

Thursday, March 18th, 2010

New pretty pretty pictures!  Thanks to Chris Malcolm!

New Feature!

Tuesday, March 16th, 2010

I got word tonight that I booked that indie feature! Hooray! I’ll be a lead too! Not sure how much I can say about it, so I’ll just leave it at that until I know what I can say about the plot. They said it’ll be about a 2 week shoot in May or June in Los Angeles. I think it’s going to be a lot of fun. I’m a busy bee this spring!

Leading Ladies Trailer!

Tuesday, March 16th, 2010

Leading Ladies Trailer has finally been officially released!!!!!!