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These Ladies are getting around

Wednesday, May 26th, 2010

More festival announcements for Leading Ladies! Yay!

KahBang Festival August 6-14, 2010 (Bangor, Maine)
Philadelphia QFest July 8 -19, 2010

Don’t forget, Hawaiians– Leading Ladies is playing this Friday, May 28th, 2010 | 2:00pm Doris Duke Theater in Honolulu.

LL Gettin’ Ready for Newfest!

Wednesday, May 19th, 2010

Blogger Mark Horn gives folks some suggestions for this year’s Newfest.

Glee Fan? Here’s your cheat sheet to seeing movies at NewFest, New York’s LGBT Film Festival.

NewFest 2010: A rare film that appeals to both lesbians and gay men: Leading Ladies

Oh, I laid around in my underwear in bed with a stranger

Sunday, May 16th, 2010

That’s my answer to “What did you do yesterday?”

I went up to the valley to shoot some scenes for My Personal Demon.  It’s a morning after a one-night-stand sort of thing so It was basically us in our underwear and then I put my dress back on and walk out of the room.  Not particularly titillating or risqué, but technically in my underwear.  I was actually wearing a tank top and boy-short style underwear, so about as un-revealing as you can be without actually wearing normal clothes.  As they were setting up the first shot the DP was like- “Something is blowing out the camera- oh, it’s your legs.”  I was tooo white for the camera!  So we just covered them up for that shot. Hilarious!  Seriously though, my legs are pale as hell.  My arms and face have some color due to driving around and such, but my legs don’t have that exposure very often.

They day was running behind so we ended up not getting one of the scenes that day.  We will either pick it up next weekend or cut it.  It’s not super essential to the plot, just added funny.  I guess it will depend on if they can use that apartment again and if there is time.  I felt bad for the other actor who had to wait forever because they switched the schedule and moved my scenes up to catch the daylight in the bedroom since the living room stuff didn’t need daylight, plus they had already set up in there for the earlier scenes.  He was a really good sport about it though.

We have more locations to get to next week, so it will probably be more of a time crunch with all the moves.  I’m not sure what their deadline is since it’s for a contest, but i’ll be out of town Memorial Day weekend, so hopefully we’ll be able to get all my scenes done before then.  It’s a fun shoot since I get to work with my friend John finally.  He plays the demon.

Leading Ladies at Newfest

Sunday, May 16th, 2010

The schedule for Newfest in NYC is up and Leading Ladies is playing Friday June 11th at 8:15om at SVA Theater 2.  If you are nearby please check it out!  Tickets for the general public go on sale May 24th, a week from tomorrow.  Members of Newfest can get them tomorrow.


Sunday, May 9th, 2010

The guys from the feature decided they weren’t really feeling like the actor playing my husband and I had the best chemistry. He is a great actor, but whatever that spark is that people have together we didn’t quite have it. So they decided to hold additional auditions and I went in this morning to do chemistry tests.
We improvised scenarios I’d done at the other casting sessions when I was auditioning, so I was a bit prepared. It’s still always new because you never know what they will do or say.

At the end they were like- ‘Man that’s got to be a little exhausting, doing that over and over.’ But ultimately the shoot will be doing that all day long, so it’s good to get a taste of it now. It will be challenging, but I’m excited. Hopefully they liked the results from today and can be done with casting because I would imagine it’s mega stressful. The goal is still to be ready for shooting the end half of June.

New project

Sunday, May 9th, 2010

I booked a new indie short this weekend. We’ll probably be shooting this coming weekend and the next. It’s a comedy they’ll be submitting to a contest – the winner gets money for a feature based on the short. I play an unfaithful girlfriend. Underwear potential! We haven’t decided on wardrobe, but it’s possible. We had a table read today and it made me laugh, so that’s always good just off the page.

Before the Wonder shoot

Sunday, May 9th, 2010

Friday I went down to Long Beach for a Cal State thesis shoot. The story is an adaptation of Alice in Wonderland and I got to be the Mad Hatter analogue. It was super fun and they were really efficient. It was on 16mm, and they didn’t want to waste film. We were able to rehearse before each take so we would hit it in one or two takes. Me and the March Hare analogue got to do a wee bit of improv which was fun. She also does stand-up so she was hilarious all day. The set was just one room, but it wasn’t very big so we would go outside when they were setting up each shot. There wasn’t room otherwise and it got really warm in there. They had the lights and a fog machine and then no AC or fan going. Luckily the weather was really nice and comfortable all day so we enjoyed the down time just chatting outside.

The guy who lived there had 2 cats and one of them kept meowing a lot. It just wanted attention- which I was happy to give when I could go to the other room. Eventually the cats fell asleep so we didn’t need to worry about the sound anymore. They were so cute. I am a cat person.

I ended up finishing earlier than I thought. Kudos to those guys for quick set ups and keeping on schedule. It was an excellent one day shoot. I got to be a weirdo and the director was really happy with they way everything went. They think it should be finished by the fall. At least they hope as long as post goes smoothly.

Incorporating Facebook plugins

Monday, May 3rd, 2010

I am attempting to incorporate Facebook into my website. I had a Fan Page set up but i think I’m going to shut it down and use the Application page so I can publish my posts to FB and allow people to comment using their facebook profiles.

Here goes nothin’.

Funny Business Trailer

Monday, May 3rd, 2010

Trailer for Funny Business! It’s pretty cool. I’m the one in the sunglasses during the montage. I’m actually out of town when they are having a screening, but I will probably get a copy shortly after that.


Sunday, May 2nd, 2010

Guess who’s got two thumbs and got to do some motion capture yesterday! This girl! *points thumbs at self*

I got a text Friday afternoon from the director of Tree of Knowledge asking what I was doing the following day. I texted back that I had some workshops and if this was about ADR. He texted Mo-cap and I immediately responded that I can cancel!

We were at Just Cause Productions. I got there and got suited up. Then this fellow Vince stuck a bunch of little dots all over me and then reinforced them. Unfortunately it didn’t occur to me to to the bathroom before putting it on, so I was going to have to wait until we finished (or lunch, whichever came first).

When I showed up I didn’t even know what I was going to be doing since my character isn’t in the animated section. Turns out I got to play the freaky giant rag doll. It’s supposed to be like 10 feet tall so sometimes I was on my knees, but still had to be about that same height as Emily, so I would kneel on a pillow on some apple boxes. That way my body was shaped right and then hers was too. They will have a bunch of adjusting to do later, but I think it should work out well. We got to see some real time before we started to give us an idea of scale. I ended up acting with my body mostly normal even though the doll’s head and body were taller than my skeleton. It was super neat to dance around and see it on the screen though.

We rehearsed a little while they were setting up, so when we started capturing we did most sections in one take. We had a prop stick that was a little awkward since it has an extra bar sticking out so they can capture rotation.

We got it all done before lunch but I really needed to use the bathroom, so they took a break to help un-dot me. It was so much fun!!

Man, I cannot wait to see the finished film! It’ll be a long time, but if they send over any screen shots or anything I’ll post them.