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Outfest- Opening Night! (part 1)

Friday, July 9th, 2010

I woke up this morning and thought- was that a dream? No. We were really out until 3:30am hanging with Dave Foley.

The night began at my place. Nikki came over to get ready and carpool. We got gussied up and headed out. Traffic wasn’t too bad, so we got downtown before 6:30.

They were still setting up when we arrived. We met up with fellow filmmakers we’d met on Tuesday, Danny and Jacob from The Four Faced Liar. It was a bit chilly so we wandered to the bar next door for a drink. When we came back out they were done setting up the backdrop and had begun the red carpet stuff. Jim, our PR guy corralled us over to the one side and we waited patiently while Jane Lynch and her wife were photographed. Then it was our turn. Tough act to follow, ha ha. It was really fun and efficient. Each photographer will ask you to look at them, they take a few snaps then the next one goes. It’s like there is a specific etiquette for them. I really appreciated that. they will even let you know if you should tilt your head and stuff. It’s pretty friendly. We did singles then pairs and then groups. Ms. Lynch was still on the carpet interviewing with The Advocate, so we shimmied behind her to the other side. there were a few more photographers there and then we waited to the side for Ms. Lynch to finish. Then it was our turn. Erika gave her excellent sound bites to the gentleman interviewing. (I forget his name. I’ll look it up when they post the video.) Then we were finished there.

We got our tickets from this fellow Casey who was super nice and we’d been in touch with before. I believe he is one of the coordinators for filmmakers.

They had a VIP pre-party behind the theater in a big lot. We talked to lots of people. Erika handed out lots of the temporary tattoos and post cards. I said hello to J.D. Disalvatore who produced 2 of the movies I think. I know she did A Marine Story and I wanted to say hi because my friend Ned Mochel did their fight choreography. I’ll be going to that screening. We got some free drinks. Absolut sponsored them so it was a-flowin’. We went back to the front so we could look for the people with food trays. The director/writer and star/producer of A Marine Story were there so we talked to them for a while.

Everybody went back inside and found seats in the balcony. The volunteer by us helped us snag 4 seats together. They began with some speeches by the folks in charge. Then they presented Jane Lynch with the achievement award. (Great day for her, 2 Emmy noms and the award.) She is just wonderful. So striking and full of joy. I bet she is lovely to work with.

The movie was Howl. It was very interesting because I didn’t know anything about Ginsberg. The use a lot of surreal animations to express the poem throughout and intercut scenes from the courtroom, Ginsberg’s life, and him being interviewed. I asked one of the directors about how much was from transcripts and apparently everything in the courtroom was verbatim. It’s pretty funny. They were very nice fellows. We talked to them for a bit at the after party.

After the film we went downstairs and ran into Nelson who organized the D.I.V.A. event. We followed the crowds out into the street. Outfest had placed volunteers with beacons to help guide people to the club. How thoughtful!

There was a huge long line to get in. But then we were told that our wristbands meant we should go to the line all way on the other side. Turns out it was equally long. It went pretty fast though. We were told there was food on the 4th floor when we entered, but there was no 4th floor! It’s a trap! We had an ongoing joke that it was going to be like in Blade where we get locked in and attacked by vampires.

We waited in a slow line for drinks, but they were free. Someone came around with some food thing which was good. Then we hit the dance floor.

DIVA party

Wednesday, July 7th, 2010

I went to the party last night and it was super fun! I got there pretty early and had a drink. It was kind of terrible, but I finished it anyway. I decided to be brave and talk to a random person. He happened to just be there meeting a friend and wasn’t aware of the event. Then his friend showed up so I wandered away. Then I talked to another fellow who also does graphics, so we nerded out on that for a while. Eventually Nikki came with her roommie and we went upstairs and did an interview with Indie Express. Not sure when that will be up. It was fun. By then I had ordered a second drink (which was much much better- don’t order a Mai Thai there though. It was like all sour mix and not even close to a mai thai) I was a little worried I would be buzzed and mess up when they ask about the movie, but I don’t think I did. Ha ha.

They played a bunch of trailers for a bunch of good movies playing at Outfest. If representatives were there they got up and talked to one of the hosts. Lots of people were really excited for Leading Ladies which was cool. I met a bunch of fun people. I need to figure out which screenings I can make it to because some are at the same time.

After the event was winding down we decided we all looked to good to go home yet, so we walked to the Abbey and had one more drink there. I had a Miller Lite because I’m a classy dame! Also delicious Parmesan fries. We chatted with the bartender, since it was Tuesday and really slow, and met some cool lesbians hanging out on a Tuesday night. Eventually we left. I was kinda hung over today.

No events today, but tomorrow is Opening night! Red Carpet fun! Yaaaay! E and DB will be here. Then Rebecca gets in Friday! Not sure who else will be here. Soooo excited!

The Night Caller – day 3

Tuesday, July 6th, 2010

We wrapped The Night Caller yesterday. It was a pretty low key day. All we had left were scenes with me and there weren’t that many. We did a lot of cool shots and some hand held stuff. The little girl and mom stopped by to grab something they forgot and brought Armenian pizza. I’m sure there is an actual name for it, but that’s what they called it. It was yummy- it’s like a flat bread with a meat and spices and stuff.

They are going to take the footage from the Red and then film it on 35mm off a monitor to see what it looks like. They wanted to test the technique, so they figured they’d make a film while they were at it. They’ll likely get it all edited first though. I think it will be a sweet, though creepy little film.

The Night Caller – day 2

Sunday, July 4th, 2010

Today we shot all the scenes that only have me and the little girl. We were both equally sleepy, so there was less game playing all around. We managed to get everything done a bit early. I even had some time to doze off while they were resetting the room. The little girl did really well today, even though she was tired too. And it was nice to see that her mom was normal and not some weirdo stage mom type of lady. Like you felt that the little girl really enjoyed herself instead of having some parent pushing them into it.

The funny thing about having a kid on set is that you have to pay more attention to what you say. Like normally people will be swearing like sailors, but you have to come up with alternative expletives when a kid’s around, as well as avoiding certain topics -ie sex related stuff, etc.- unless you can disguise the conversation using words she wouldn’t know.

We finished around 7pm so I still made it to the tail end of some friends’ BBQ. Happy 4th of July!

Outfest Kickoff Party

Saturday, July 3rd, 2010

Looks like I’m getting into Outfest events early. I’ll be attending the D.I.V.A. Outfest kickoff/ The Kids Are Alright release party.

I might be the only one from Leading Ladies who can make it, so I’ll probably have to get up and tell people about the film. I’m a little nervous since Erika usually does it and does it so well. Maybe I can memorize what she’s said in interviews and just repeat that. 🙂 No, it’ll be fine. I can talk to strangers. I can pretend I’m not shy. I’m not super shy anyway, but it’s still awkward being around lots of people I don’t know. I mean, it’s that way for everyone- not just me. They’re showing the trailer, so I don’t know if they’ll need me to say anything anyway. I can just mingle and convince people how awesome the movie is and that they should get tickets!

The Night Caller – day 1

Saturday, July 3rd, 2010

We started shooting The Night Caller today. Seemed like everything went well. The kitchen was really small, so it was comedically tight in there for the first couple shots. Then we moved to the dining room, which was much roomier. Between takes the little girl playing my daughter liked to come up with games. Many of them didn’t really make sense. She liked Truth or Dare, which consisted of her whispering questions or dares to me repeatedly because i couldn’t hear her. She mostly dared me to call the other actor a nerd and/or loser and her truth questions consisted of asking us if we liked a boy/girl. She’s seven. It’s sort of adorable. She also had bizarre stories about some friend she hates that ruined her birthday party. I remember having friends I didn’t like. I’m glad I outgrew that. Now I don’t waste my time with jerks.
I’m not great with kids, but I tried. I’ve never played a mom before so hopefully I seemed mom-like.

We finished the first section today up to when the husband leaves, so tomorrow it’s just me and the girl. We’re hoping we can finish her stuff tomorrow so they won’t have to come back down Monday.

My Personal Demon up for Voting

Friday, July 2nd, 2010

My Personal Demon is up for voting on You have to register on the site to vote, but then you only do it once, so it’s not one of those annoying ones where you have to keep coming back day after day.