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Ow my legs! And other stories

Sunday, November 21st, 2010

Such a busy week. I was supposed to have an audition Monday, but wasn’t feeling well and left before they got to me due to a massive headache. Said headache basically lasted all week off and on. Boo!
So then Tuesday I got word that the producers of this upcoming feature needed us to shoot some promo stuff for potential investors the next night. I had to cancel a rehearsal so I could do the shoot. We did that Wednesday night and it sounds like it came out well.

Rehearsal for Thursday ended up being canceled and moved to Friday evening. I eventually got confirmation I’d be done in time to get there after the shoot. Phew!

Then Friday I had a really early call time for Replica way down in Irvine. I thought I gave myself long enough, but apparently there is traffic on the 5 even at 7AM. So I get to the park late and they are ready to shoot immediately. Luckily it was a wide shot of us running through the woods. Not much rehearsal required. Didn’t seem like anything got behind from my tardiness.
They were shooting day-for-night and it was overcast, which is ideal for that. It was also raining, which is less than ideal for being outside. Was mostly just misting so we were ok and running around kept me warm most of the time. It was really pretty and felt like I was back East again in the woods.

I got done before 2pm, so I hurried back up to LA county toward LMU where rehearsal would be. I had enough extra time not only to stop by a sofa store, but also take a quick nap in my car! Hooray! I hope no one saw me in there and got worried about me being unconscious in the parking garage.
I woke up and got some coffee on campus and met up with the director, fight choreographer and other actors.
We started with the fight between me and the thugs. We had the leader thug there and others stood in for the other thugs. I haven’t done fight choreography in a long time, so I was pretty rusty. I won’t say terrible, but not great. I was concentrating really hard so I was losing fluidity and focus on the target. But, it was the first rehearsal and it went pretty well. It’s like when I was doing dance rehearsals last year- not very smooth at first, some things I can do better than others, but it gets smoother and easier. ALSO- very sore after the first rehearsal! Much more so this time because one of my moves involves ducking down and popping back up for a side kick. Plus fight stance is basically bent knees as well so it was like doing lunges for like 2 hours. I clearly should have stretched out WAY more than I did. Especially in my legs. Way more. It’s 2 days later and I’m still hurting getting up and sitting down. I actually asked to reschedule my rehearsal tomorrow morning. It’s pretty embarrassing. But oh well. I would go but I know I would only be going at half capacity. So instead we’ll work later when I can get up and down like a normal person.

This morning I was on time! It was the last day for Replica. We were at this rad house down in Hermosa Beach I think. It’s one of those really modern designed beach houses where all the walls and ceilings seem to come together at odd angles. Awesome view of the whole beach too. The first bunch of shots I’m just sleeping in bed, and I was literally just sleeping in bed. It was cold and I was just in a slip, so I stayed in the blankets until they needed to move the bed out of the way. I got a few good Z’s in. Helped quell a bit of headache too. (I wasn’t kidding when I said I had a headache all week. Stress!) Then I had some down time so I gossiped with the Wardrobe girl and the Makeup guy some more. Usually that’s how it ends up on sets because everyone else is on set moving things, etc and they are waiting around with us until right before we shoot a scene. After lunch we only had a few more hours before we lost the sun. Plus working with the sun on a partly cloudy day is a pain since it keeps getting brighter and dimmer constantly, so it’s really hard for the DP to maintain the right settings for long. It requires us actors to be very ready because we gotta get it in a few takes before we have to move on to the next shot. And we did. We got the dialog before the sun was down. Hooray! I bet that scene will be really pretty because the light and the view in real life was so pretty.
Unrelated to filming, but the director’s tiny 1-year-old baby brother stopped by set with his mom and he was adorable.

So Replica is wrapped and should be done sometime in the spring, maybe March. It’s his senior thesis project, so it really has to be done before he can graduate. That another nice thing about being in a thesis film besides the production quality- they almost always get finished.

Other things that happened this week was a brief scheduling panic with the Samurai shoot conflicting with another shoot I’d agreed to a few weeks back and I didn’t know I would be needed for this new one. Luckily the prior engagement was planning to reschedule before I even asked them about it, so it all worked out totally fine. I also found out this prior engagement thing that I’m referring to really generically, might get additional investors, so I basically have no idea if I can talk about it at all right now. So it will be pretty vaguely referenced for a while.

Oh, and on Saturday we painted our new apartment, which didn’t help any with the whole being sore thing. Hopefully I’ll be mostly normal by Tuesday. I really really want to do a good job on the fight stuff because I love it so much.

Ok, that’s all.

Replica, 1st weekend

Monday, November 15th, 2010

Friday I was needed for the ending shot of the movie so I went down to Norwalk in the afternoon. It’s only half the distance to Orange, so it didn’t take too long and traffic wasn’t terrible. We were shooting in a medical building down there.

When I got there I met up with the wardrobe person and we realized I wasn’t aware of the plan for the last scene. We spent a while trying on a bunch of combinations of things I had brought and things she happened to have. I brought outfits that worked more for the rest of the movie, and we needed practically the opposite. Eventually we found a combo that worked and made the director happy. Shooting was a bit behind so I had some down time but we got the two shots we needed before they had to be finished. We were also able to decide on exactly what I’d be wearing for Sunday so I wouldn’t need to bring as much.

Sunday I was needed all day. I wore my sweet pleather motorcycle looking jacket. I basically just have it for shoots since I got it too small for a project a while back and it’s not terribly comfortable to wear regularly. But it looks cool, so it’s good for costumes. We got a new set of lines right before shooting, but it’s a really short scene, so we just ran them a few times while they were setting stuff up.

After that scene I was basically done for a few hours while they shot the next scene. I forgot a book, but there were enough crew around to chat with. There was a freshman there helping with the fight choreography. I was like- Whoa. You are my Nephew’s age. Weird. Then makeup fellow and the wardrobe girl, both at least older than my nephew. We talked about tattoos and horrific injuries. Also movies, because, you know, movie set. I also talked to two Korean girls who were really familiar with and/or worked on a bunch of awesome Korean films I’ve seen. Like one of the directors had been a professor at one of their undergrad schools. Another was good friends with the “Good” guy from The Good, The Bad and The Weird. (A wonderful fun movie.) The other had worked on the set of A Bittersweet Life. Excellent fights in that one.

Anyway… Eventually they needed me again for some roughhousing. Well, I get grabbed by a security guard clone, but he’s big and tough.

A bit later I finally took off my jacket and noticed that the pleather on the back had stretched too much and split. Dang it! Oh well. It’s like 4 years old and cheap. Guess I’m on the lookout for a new bitchin’ leather jacket. I don’t need it for the rest of the shoot, so it’s not a big deal. Just annoying because I liked it.

I was in the last shot of the day so once we got that we were done. They had to cut some shots for time, but they got the most important stuff and I was done in under 12 hours, so not bad.

I’m looking forward to seeing the finished project with all the effects put in. I think it’s going to come out really nice. I got to watch a short the director had done with one of the other actors there (he brought his laptop). It takes place on mars. It was really good. Good use of visuals and camera work too.

We shoot again this weekend.

Leading Ladies, Darling of the Starz Denver Film Festival!

Monday, November 15th, 2010

Denver loooved Leading Ladies! The screening on Sunday sold out too!

Murphy’s Law

Wednesday, November 10th, 2010

Of course as soon as I leave town I get an audition for a national commercial. Oh well, there will be more.

Alexandria Film Festival

Wednesday, November 10th, 2010

This weekend I got to go to the Alexandria Film Festival. The screening coincided with my Dad’s birthday, so I went to Maryland for a visit.

The screening was Friday night. After a nice dinner with the fam, we met up with friends at the theater. The organizers took care of us. Melanie and Benji arrived and we chatted briefly before they got started. One of the organizers introduced us to the audience and then the movie began. There was a lot of laughter throughout. Not that I didn’t expect it, but it’s so nice to be in an audience that is clearly enjoying the movie. Watching it this time around I took more notice of various extras in the movie, just to see what people were doing. I’ve seen it 4 times now. My dad said it seemed like a slightly different edit than they saw in NY, and I felt like something was different too. I don’t know if it was though, or if watching it again just felt different. DB might have made minor tweaks since this summer when I saw it last. Films in the festival circuit are sometimes adjusted as they go along. It’s fairly common. Then they often go through another round after they get distribution – even more common. I will have to ask DB if he did or if we just had a new experience watching it again.

During the Q&A I got the theater to sing my dad Happy Birthday, which was cool. There were some good questions about the filming and casting and developing the characters. It was a great crowd and I think most everyone there stayed for the Q&A since it was pretty full.

Then we moved on to the reception across the courtyard at a little cafe. They had snacks and drinks. We took lots of pictures with people. I caught up with my high school friend who lives in DC and met my boyfriend’s sister’s boyfriend. (got that?) I found out Benji got funding for his movie he was working on when we were shooting, so that’s super exciting for him. He’s probably going to shoot a bunch of it back in Illinois too! It sounds like a really fun, touching story with awesome visuals – and of course awesome dance numbers. Hopefully they’ll be shooting before the end of next year.

We didn’t stay super late since we had to drive back to Maryland. It was really nice to get to see Melanie and Benji again.

On Saturday night Leading Ladies played in Massachusetts at the Out for Reel festival. Nicole made it to that one and got to see some friends and family (presumably) since she is from MA.

It also played at the Starz Denver Film Festival Saturday and Sunday to sold out theaters. They have added another screening for this Sunday, so if you live near Denver you can still catch it. There are lovely pictures of that up at the Leading Ladies facebook page. Shannon, Two-E, Erika and Dan were all there. Two-E is one of the rad break dancers.

I ended up not really taking any pictures for myself on my trip, so, no pics until I track some down from the people who had the cameras.

The film also played in Italy, but alas, none of us were there. Hope they enjoyed the movie!

Next up for the movie is Chicago on Thursday this week, then Denver again on Sunday, then St. Louis on Nov 20.

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**funny side note- Saturday morning I came downstairs to find my sister’s roommate wearing the same PJ’s we are wearing during a montage bit in the movie. I wore the bottoms and Nikki wore the top- it’s the part where she was rubbing my feet. They have birds flying out of cages all over them, so they are easy to recognize.

Samurai film!

Wednesday, November 3rd, 2010

Got a call today that I got a part in a short action film. I get to fight!!! YAY! Like pretty hard core fighting. I have a month to prep. Very excited. There is some sword fighting stuff but i’ll mostly be regular street fighting, sans weapons. Just my guns *flexes biceps…. waits for laughs*.

It is shooting over a weekend that I was going to do some background stuff on another short. Normally I don’t do background stuff, but this is a period piece and I love dressing up. It also takes place in a mental hospital, so I figure it will be fun. If I’d only be needed the first 2 days I can do both. but if they are shooting the group stuff on the weekends then I’ll have to drop out. i’m waiting to hear back from that project. I haven’t done my costume fitting yet and they have a month, so if they do need to replace me they have enough time. Hopefully it will work out.