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Leading Ladies at Palm Springs International Film Festival!

Wednesday, December 22nd, 2010

We got another big festival! Palm Springs International Film Festival is screening Leading Ladies as a gala event!

Wednesday January 12, at 7pm (Gala Event) and Friday January 14, at 10am.

I’m so excited!! It’s not only a huge festival, but its’ relatively close by. People in Southern California who missed Outfest can get a chance to see it.

LL interview from Denver

Tuesday, December 21st, 2010

Oh, I forgot to post this when it was playing at the Starz Denver Film Festival. E and D were on PBS interviewing on In Focus With Eden Lane. It starts at about 10:30.

Dojo mojo

Sunday, December 19th, 2010

I’ve been busy this week, so I’m behind on blogging.

Last Friday afternoon we started the shoot on the sound stage over at LMU. They built a rad dojo set.
I got a call around 3 to see if I could come out early because they were really truckin’. I was already about to leave. I was like, “well, if traffic treats me well, then yeah, I can come early. Otherwise, I will be on time.” It was in between so i got there a half hour early.

We’d done a bit of rehearsal during the week, but I wasn’t doing a lot of stuff so it was pretty easy. Two kicks and a struggle basically. They had 2 cameras available, so they could get more shots quickly. The set was great, though I guess the lacquer on the floorboards wasn’t fully dried, so the other actor’s socks got all brown. Doh! Probably won’t actually see that on camera though. Everything went really quickly. We had to pause between takes after me and the other actor kiss because I had this lip gloss on and they had to wipe it off him each time so he wouldn’t be all sparkly.

At the end I changed into another outfit, i forget what they are called. Not a kimono, but like the uniform you wear in martial arts classes. I was kneeling but by then the floor was mostly dry so it didn’t get on the pants. Then I was finished and they just had to do the blood effects on the actor that got killed in the scene. I didn’t end up sticking around for that because I was really tired and had my office Christmas party that night. By the time I got home though, I was too tired and skipped it. Oh well.

We’ll reconvene in January to finished up the shoot. I have 2 other scenes to do.

The Night Life online!

Saturday, December 11th, 2010

The Night Life, a 16mm short I was in last year, is up on Vimeo. It’s pretty bloody and violent at the end. Just a warning.

The Night Life from lee arter on Vimeo.

Fights and wild animals

Monday, December 6th, 2010

This weekend was the start of the Loyola Marymount graduate thesis, Precepts of Knighthood. I had a brief rehearsal on Thursday which fortunately didn’t render me too sore to walk like the first one did. I stretched way more and we only worked for about an hour or so to review the moves. By the end of it I felt much more confident about it.

Friday night we had a 4pm call time. I ended up about 10 minutes or so late since I was coming from Burbank, and it’s hard to know if you need more than an hour to get across town. Turns out I did. But it was ok because my wardrobe and makeup didn’t take long and they were still setting up lights and stuff. Two of the thugs for the fight had to drop out, so the fight choreographer stepped in for one and got another friend to come for the other one. Unfortunately one of the guys stepping in wasn’t available Saturday night, so we added those shots to Friday night.

We did all the fighting first. It was really cold out since we were over by the ocean. We could see our breath. Luckily all the fighting kept me warm. I ended up wearing the bitchin’ pleather jacket that was sort of torn up from the Replica shoot last month. Glad it is still of use. They had 2 cameras so we didn’t have to do the fight too many times. The fight choreographer had a friend on set to be his assistant and watch how it looked on monitor since he was playing one of the thugs. It was really good because he could come over and give me adjustments to make it all look better on camera. I feel pretty good about it. Plus it’s a lot of fun. I love doing fight scenes.

After that we did all the dialog stuff with me and the 2 main leads. Then they were done before 2 am I think, so we just had to pick up the intro to the fight scene we were going to do on Saturday. They got the alley dressed and lit and we were brought back out there. It was really cold but there was a big vent next to the building blowing warm air so that helped. Then I just sort of jogged and jumped around in place. One of the actors wasn’t wearing a jacket in the fight so he kept having to take it off for every take.

We were behind a building where the dumpsters are. You know what animals looove dumpsters? Raccoons! Just before we were ready to start shooting, 2 big raccoons were spotted just behind where the camera was set up. They shimmied under a nearby fence. Then a third one showed up and went under the fence. We figured we were fine. But no! The third one soon came back out and didn’t seem phased by the many people standing about. The AD kind of stomped over by it and scared it away finally. He got really close to it, we were concerned. Then a bit later we saw one come around the other side of the alley, and eventually it headed straight for the dumpsters, so we cleared out. We didn’t want it to get freaked out and run at us. It soon got scared off and didn’t come back. Luckily they didn’t go near the craft services table. They just wanted the dumpsters.

Having large wild animals stalking the area is good motivation for finishing up quickly. We got all the shots needed before 4am, so really we still got out on time even with the added shots.

Then last night it was the same call time, but I was the only actor. It was cold again, but we only had like 5 shots. We saw a raccoon nearby but it stayed away. I was still super tired because I didn’t sleep in enough, but coldness really wakes me up. We were just doing some walking shots, so it was pretty easy stuff and we finished around 10, so I was able to go to a party for a bit. I was dog tired, but I made it!

It was a fun shoot. I had a bunch of down time to socialize (and stay warm inside) but not so much that I was waiting forever between every shot. We shoot again this weekend and another day in January when they can get the bar location.