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Paypal Spec commercial online

Tuesday, June 28th, 2011

The “No Pockets” spec I was in just 2 weeks ago is already posted. It came out really nice!
Don’t worry, it’s safe for work. It’s fake comedic nudity. ūüėČ

Echo Game DVD release date!

Monday, June 27th, 2011

And now another movie I am in will also be released in¬†September. ¬†Echo Game is set to release September 27th through MTI home video! ¬†I am only in a tiny bit, but still. ¬†Pretty good September for me! ¬†I’ll post a link when it’s up.

Final Delivery pick ups

Sunday, June 26th, 2011

No, I did not get a job as a delivery driver. ¬†We had some pick up shots for the feature. ¬†Just¬†a day and half of shooting for me and Danny. ¬†We had to do all the confessional style shots because they figured out exactly what they needed in the rough cut. ¬†Plus some of the footage didn’t look the way they wanted it to. ¬†This time we had much more concise bits of dialog. ¬†We even got to look at the script!

It was a pretty hot day so by the late afternoon we were all sweating and tired, but we shot in order, so the more tired we felt it made sense in where we would be in the story. ¬†I only had to go up to the 3rd bump, so I didn’t need the huge belly.

I think the only thing that sucked was that my contacts were super¬†irritated¬†all day. ¬†I felt like I needed to take out my eyeballs and soak them in saline. I was pretty overdue in changing them anyway, and then I got makeup or¬†something¬†in my eyes so they were all scratchy all day. ¬†I should have asked if there was any saline around and try and rinse them, but I kept thinking they would get better. ¬†Plus I didn’t want to make my makeup run all down my face. ¬†I figured it would give me a good level of tired look and discomfort for the later confessionals, so I just left them. ¬†I put in new ones today. ¬†So much better!

Today we did a bunch of cheesy b-roll footage for the Reality Show title sequence. ¬†It’s kind of funny that we started the film shoot with all the happy stuff, then things get all scary, but then in the end out last shot is all super happy times again.

Hopefully they will put out a trailer fairly soon, now that shooting is finished. We only got to see maybe 5 minutes of rough footage yesterday and it looks great. ¬†I can’t wait to get to see a cut of it, but it will probably be a few months. ¬†Patience!

Oh dang, Black Dawn is on Hulu!

Sunday, June 26th, 2011

Hey, so that short film I was in as part of the Black dawn web series, which was then turned into the Black Dawn TV series, is now on Hulu! Hell yeah!

I’m in Episode 3 and Episode 4.

Look how long my hair was!

Here is the official site.

Leading Ladies Pre-order link

Wednesday, June 22nd, 2011

You can place an order for a Leading Ladies DVD here at Wolfe Video.

Leading Ladies DVD, Netflix – coming soon!

Wednesday, June 22nd, 2011

Release date: Sep. 13, 2011

Leading Ladies won’t be released until September, but if lots of people put it in their Netflix queue then they will order lots of copies! And then if you like it you can order a copy! Or really, just order a copy anyway. ūüėČ Link to come.


Frameline in San Francisco

Wednesday, June 22nd, 2011

I went up to San Francisco this week to attend the Leading Ladies screening at the Castro Theater.

I got in Sunday morning and met Nikki at the airport where my friends picked us up. We spent the afternoon and early evening at their friends’ place eating and driving at a BBQ. It was fun and I ate a million calories! Then we went for a walk to get cookies (I did not have room) and then walked further for ice cream (still no room). In line for ice cream I ran into a friend from LA who happened to be in town! Random! We walked down to the Castro theater and passed by 3 naked dudes just hangin’ (pun intended) on the corner. Someone we talked to later said they saw the cops come by and have a chat with them. They didn’t make them cover up or leave, just maybe cross their legs. Oh, The Castro. Sorry, didn’t take any pictures. We got home around 9 and were exhausted so we stayed in the rest of the evening.

Monday we had a festival brunch so we took the bus there. We thought to bring good walking shoes and changed into our cuter shoes when we got there. We did not anticipate that it would be over 80¬į in SF that day and we both wore black. But we looked good, so there’s that. We mingled with filmmakers and festival reps. It was held at an art gallery, so while I was talking to people, I was standing right next to some looping videos on the wall of close ups of some dude playing with his junk. It was mildly distracting while trying to talk to people. Clearly the theme of this trip was SF wants me to see dudes’ junk.

After that we went upstairs in the art center and the Ladies from Wolfe interviewed us. I think they are posting the interviews online. I will keep a look out for them. We finished around 2pm I think and then DB’s brother came and picked us up so we didn’t have to walk more. Yay! We dropped our bag at E&D’s hotel and went to get lunch. After that Erika took a nap while Nikki, DB and I went to get coffee. By the time we got back it was about time to get ready for dinner and the screening.

I decided to go androgynous-ish and wore a cute vest and skinny tie. By the time I got to dinner my phone was totally dead (note to self: order backup batteries). So I didn’t actually get any pictures that evening. Boo! But I can get some from other people. We went out with friends and family to Cafe mystique near the Castro theater. It was delicious middle eastern food. I highly recommend if you are in the area.
We left early to get to the theater. They had a little green room set up for us upstairs and very strong Sky Vodka drinks. I got to bring my friends up there, which was fun. We did more pictures and then it was about time to go sit.

The Castro seats 1500 people and it was pretty full. I don’t know how to estimate numbers, but it was a good number. The movie had been updated a bit so it was the version that will be on dvd. That mostly means that some of the music that was in it was replaced. It does still have the Phoenix and the Andrew Bird songs though, which fit so nicely in our dance scene. Music licensing is so complicated. That’s why those songs will be in the movie forever and ever, but they are not on the soundtrack. But you can buy those on Itunes anyway. There’s a great placeholder song on the soundtrack though that was the backup in case they couldn’t use the Phoenix song. It has a similar feeling to it. You can order the soundtrack now!

The audience was great and reacted really positively. Lots of laughing and clapping. We went up on stage for the Q&A afterward. By then it was about 11pm so only about half the people stayed for it, which is totally fair on a Monday night. People have work in the morning. It was good though. DB got to talk about his uncle who had lived in the Castro for many years and to whom the film is dedicated. Sadly, he passed away before it was made.

After that we went outside because they needed to close the theater. I signed some soundtracks for fans. He he he! Then we went to The Lexington for drinks. I had about two small cups of champagne and was ready to fall asleep. Nikki and I got a cab back to my friend’s place and crashed.

Yesterday my flight was postponed, so I had extra hours to hang out in the city. We saw Nikki off to head down to LA. Then we went to the Ferry building and then Golden Gate Park. It was a beautiful day and I think I got a bit sun burned, but my friend got me some sunblock so it didn’t get too bad.

I got to the airport right on time – SF has great public transit. My flight was delayed again, but not too long and I got to LA around 9:30.

Thanks San Francisco and Frameline! Also Veronica, Walter & Co.! Had a great time up there.

No Pockets

Wednesday, June 15th, 2011

This morning I did a quick shoot for a spec commercial for Paypal. It was fun and easy. I was an irritated, punk rock cashier at a grocery store. No lines, just reacting to the customers. I’m not sure if it’s just a portfolio project or for a contest or what. Should turn out well though. The store we shot at was a really cute produce store so it will look nice and colorful.

Wizarding Life interview with B.o.H. director

Friday, June 10th, 2011

Nick was interviewed by Wizarding Life about the documentary. ¬†The fan page already has 3,389 fans! ¬†It’s like people are really into Harry Potter or something.


Also mentioned on Reelz Channel’s website. ¬†He he! ¬†I’m getting really excited to see it too. ¬†ūüôā


Battle of Hogwarts moving forward

Tuesday, June 7th, 2011

Nick posted a trailer and got a mention on the front page of  MuggleNet, a Harry Potter fan site as well as a blog post from a movie reviewer.

The trailer is the first half of the day I was shooting, so I’m in the background here. ¬†Looks like they’ve given themselves a deadline to have something to release July 1st. ¬†Woo!