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Leading Ladies dvd – now in my home!

Monday, August 29th, 2011

Look!  I’m on a movie cover!


I watched all the extras.  The real version of our full tango is on there!  Thanks D&E!  I was hoping it would be!  And there are some good extended and deleted scenes.  I might actually grab one for my reel.  gotta go through the movie again and see what I want to grab from it.  I have some good clips already, so I’m in no rush.

Eeee!  so exciting!

San Diego Film Out Festival

Sunday, August 21st, 2011

Drove down to San Diego Yesterday for the Film Out screening of Leading Ladies. Nothing like sitting in traffic for almost 4 hours to help you dwell and pick apart an audition you had the morning. Yeah. I don’t normally dwell on auditioned, but i did something kind of dumb and I couldn’t decide if it mattered or not since the rest of the audition felt really good. So that was being replayed in my head most of the way.
Eventually I got there and my friends were there to distract my brain finally. I didn’t have time to grab a bite before the screening, so I just got a coke, in addition to the huge ‘medium’ coke I had driving down there. So by the end of the film I was vibrating with caffeine and sugar. At one point in the Q&A someone asked if we were nervous. I yammered on a lot and was talking fast, so it made sense. I was like no, just really caffeinated. They asked about the idea behind the film, and we answered best we could based on what Erika had answered in previous Q&As about them writing. We almost forgot to plug the DVD, but Nicole remembered right before they kicked us out for the next movie to come in. Yay!

It was pretty fun. Afterward I went out to dinner and drinks with my friend and then went to the hotel. I crashed at like 10pm. I think Nikki had to drive back up last night. I was so glad she was there because I probably would have been nervous if I had to do it by myself.

Another sweet review for Leading Ladies

Sunday, August 21st, 2011

Edge Boston posted a great review of Leading Ladies this week.

It’s coming out so soon! Yay!

Delivery added to IMDB

Sunday, August 7th, 2011

Delivery has an IMDB page now!  Woo!