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National Coming Out Day – L.L. featured on Youtube!

Tuesday, October 11th, 2011

Leading Ladies is on the first page of Youtube’s Movie page today!

I didn’t realize that Leading Ladies can be rented on Youtube as well. This means that if you have an Xbox, PS3, GoogleTV, etc. you can probably see it on your TV! Rental Page

Here’s a snap of the page today, since it might not be up there for long.

Meter Maids!

Monday, October 10th, 2011

I had a guest spot on Meter Maids yesterday. We shot at an office down in El Segundo. The actual building is a Specialty Door company, so a lot of the doors were unique and some were weird. the shoot went really fast. It’s very much patterned after The Office, with confessionals and what not. But this would be like if The Office were kind of sick and twisted and employees gave people parking tickets instead of sold paper.
I won’t spoil what my story line is, but it’s pretty f***ed up. There is a wonderful cutaway where we reenact a scene from the 1989 Punisher movie, and I have my hair slicked back and a really tight leather jacket on, and I’m doing a terrible Japanese accent! I’m looking forward to seeing it. They think it will be posted by early November.

Here are the episodes so far, so you’ll get an idea of what kind of show it is:

And just like that, I’m SAG-E.

Monday, October 10th, 2011

Yesterday I shot an episode of Meter Maids, which is a SAG webisodic. This means that I’m suddenly SAG eligible. Hooray! Finally.

See, when I starred in a feature film it didn’t make me eligible because of the technicality that the Ultra-Low Budget contract that SAG gives for a lot of independent movies doesn’t allow the producers to Taft-Hartly anyone. (Taft-Hartly is when you work a union job and then you can join the union.)

I can’t deny that I’m slightly bitter about it. The SAG New media contract allows someone to be in an unpaid internet project and get the eligibility that I couldn’t get after a month of hard work. I’m somehow not a professional to them. I even petitioned 2 different SAG offices. But on the other hand, I’m also too stubborn (and busy) to try and get in through extra work, so I figured I’d try to book a commercial or something and get in that way. I have a regular day job, so extra work would be a pay cut and they don’t even guarantee you’ll get a voucher for each day.

Once I learned that this new SAG New Media contract meant that basically anyone can get into the union, I figured that was how I’d end up getting in. And it was! Personally, I think at that point they should be like Aftra and let anyone in at any time. (Also they should merge.) Because anyone can file for a New Media contract and they don’t even have to pay their actors. So it’s basically like doing a student film or indie short, but elevated for some reason. I’m not complaining, since now I’ve crossed that threshold, but I still think their whole eligibility structure is flawed.

Oh well. I think I have 30 days to do SAG projects before I have to pay my fees, and then I have a year to join at all before my eligibility expires.

Vegan Fly Trap Shoot

Saturday, October 8th, 2011

Saturday we shot at a studio downtown.  We shot in one corner of the space and they dressed the whole area with crumbled up concrete and grit.  It was pretty great.  Well, not when you accidentally sit on a big chunk of concrete, but mostly it was fine.

During the whole shoot, the other girls and I are in roller skates.  When I first put them on I was so afraid I was going to fall on my ass like a million times because it’s been a few years since I roller skated. After a few minutes up on my feet though it felt fine and I was even able to use the stoppers ok.  It wasn’t much of an issue for Saturday’s shoot since we were on the floor, chained to the wall, but we would be on our feet for Sunday.

We shot a little out of order so that we could have some footage for a surveillance camera shot later.  Overall everything went super fast.  There were 2 cameras, so they got twice the coverage in the same amount of time.  Plus they had planned out all the shots they wanted in advance and we were able to just shoot the scenes in little sections.

The other two girls got wrapped early and I had a scene where I leap up at the villain.  He’s standing in the doorway and I jump up and push him back, but on one take I stepped on the door frame which was kind of like a triangle shape, which gave me an impressive foot bruise.


We finished up all the dialog stuff in that set and then we went back to do the special effects stuff.  The blood effect wasn’t cooperating and I think more blood ended up spilling off the tarp than on it, but eventually we did a take that was awesome.  I didn’t get to see it because I was holding the knife, but the folks behind the camera had a good reaction.  There was some cleanup necessary after that, but that allowed time to prep the other special effects shot.  I was semi-wrapped so I didn’t stay to watch it.  I had to get home to shower since we were probably shooting a bit later and it’s an earlier scene.  I think I left around 7:30 or so.

I didn’t check my phone until after 9 and had a message that they wanted to shoot at 9!  Oops!  I called back to let them know I was on my way.  threw on some makeup- luckily I didn’t wash my hair so it was still pretty much styled the same.  I got over to the apartment and the guys that were there had a couple beers, so I had one too.  They set up for the scene we needed to shoot.  It was all pretty laid back.  They got the lighting all set and we shot a couple angles.  At some point the director’s cat went crazy hissing and meowing really loud when I was ‘attacked’.  It was really funny, but then we just closed the inner door so he would stop freaking out.  He was quiet, but did succeed in slashing one of the crew inside and later me because I was trying to pet him.  That’s on me.   Anyway, we got the shots we needed.

Sunday we shot all the restaurant scenes at M Bar, which is a great venue to check out if you’ve never been there.  The funny thing was that it has carpet, so we had to skate a little differently.  It was smooth enough that we could skate on it.  They brought flat panels for us in case the carpet was no good, but the panels ended up being more slippery, so we left it.

That morning they brought us McD’s sandwiches AND Porto’s pastries!  It was awesome.  Actually the director brought one and the producer brought the other not knowing.  I ate both.  They added a quick shot where I take a bite out of a burger, so we used one of the sausage McMuffins.  Actually I think we used 3 or 4.  I think that was the first time I took a bite of food for a scene and then spit it out.  Not because I don’t like them, but because I already ate one plus a danish.  I could take in any more.

Most of that scene is done in one long shot, so we rehearsed it a bunch of times to get our timing worked out.  The cop has to come in and say his line and then I have to be up to the front right as he finishes, then I say my line and the two other girls show up right behind me at the same time.  So we did some takes of that and then did the coverage of the cop character.  Then there were a few exteriors and the last thing was our super stylized pose.  And that was it!  We stuck around and ate some pizza and then I went home and went to sleep because I was getting a cold.

I’m super excited to see this finished.  It’s super fun.

Still Beating screening

Monday, October 3rd, 2011

Still Beating will have its debut screening at the Los Angeles Cinema Festival of Hollywood – which actually takes place in Sherman Oaks.

Oct 12, 2011
Block 3 – 9:40pm-11:50pm

Whitfire Theatre
13500 Ventura Blvd
Sherman Oaks, CA 91423

Here is a teaser. WARNING- it’s really gory at the end.