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Crave interviews the filmmakers of Delivery

Friday, June 28th, 2013

Fred Topel from Crave Online interviewed Adam and Brian about the process of making the film and thoughts on comparisons to Rosemary’s Baby.  I actually learned something I didn’t know about an editing choice they made.  It’s not really a spoiler since it’s in the early title cards of the film.

Ain’t It Cool News liked it too!

Friday, June 28th, 2013

What an awesome week.  We got another review today from AICN and they were super into it!  Our review is toward the bottom of the page.

“The final moments of this film literally knocked the wind out of me. Again, the concept is one that evokes a protective feeling and Laurel Vail makes it all easy since she is extremely likable as Rachel. The set up, that the couple has experienced miscarriages before, makes it almost impossible not to root for them and the filmmakers take full advantage of that notion and use that investment to scare the shit out of the viewer time and time again.”


My brain’s kind of exploding.

Tuesday, June 25th, 2013

So, two more today brings my total count to 9 liked it and only 3 haven’t.  Today’s additions are Twitch and Indiewire!  Both are spoiler free.

“It would be cruel to discuss more of the plot beyond the premise, but bolstered by outstanding performances by its two leads who are completely convincing in their reality show naivete, and as the two bewildered subjects of this project (Vail, especially, is astonishing, though Barclay more than steps up to her level)”

“It seems apparent that the subject matter will draw comparisons to Roman Polanski’s 1968 film Rosemary’s Baby. Most any other type of remake — and it should be said that neither the filmmakers nor the marketing department have referred to Delivery as such — would pale in comparison. Delivery, on the contrary, is able to transcend this comparison because it makes such great use of modern day conventions and sentiments and uses those tools to take the story in different and unexpected directions. The film maintains a high level of tension and just the right amount of all out scares without going overboard. It’s engrossing and unsettling in all the right ways, and it proves that in skilled hands, the “found footage” style need not be reduced to a gimmick.”

This is awesome.  I hope all these good reviews don’t give way to a backlash at our next festival.  One in the fall is rumored, though they haven’t announced anything yet.


*walking on sunshine….*

Some more reviews without spoilers…

Monday, June 24th, 2013

I found some more!  We’re at 7 liked it, 3 didn’t as much.  That’s pretty awesome considering a lot are from Horror sites who are pretty well versed in the genre.

“Primarly a staple in the horror genre the found footage film has met with mostly disastrous results.  […] Now comes Brian Netto, who makes his directorial debut, and his refreshing and mostly effective found footage thriller, Delivery.”
“The actors delivered. Thanks to them you really care about the people involved in this nightmare and find yourself concerned for their well being. Laura [sic] Vail and Danny Barclay are quite good as the Masseys. You get the sense that they are a couple. This bond is strengthened in one scene [… spoiler-ish …]. The moment felt very real, very sad as a reality show should and it works. Netto has you invested, you’re hooked. Vail and Barclay do a fine of job of conveying the horror and confusion that unfolds as the film progresses.”  7 out of 10

” I will admit, Delivery shocked me. Nice job, guys. You got me.”  6 out of 10

Oh hey, Cheerbleeders is on DTV On Demand

Thursday, June 20th, 2013

I guess certain packages have this shorts channel and you can watch it on demand.  If you have it, you should watch it.  It’s a good time.

Reviews so far (without spoilers)

Thursday, June 20th, 2013

I’ve found 7 reviews so far- 5 liked it, 2 didn’t.  Actually I found a 3rd, but it wasn’t really a review so much as a paragraph that they didn’t like it.  The nice thing about the 2 that that weren’t into it is that they still had some nice things to say and really liked Danny and I, so it’s still pretty good.  It’s one of those movies that some people just aren’t into, and that’s ok.  I’m still feeling like more liked it that didn’t though.

Here are some links to ones that won’t spoil it.  I’m not going to link to ones that have spoilers, but you can probably find them in google like I did.  (hint: “delivery brian netto” works well.)

“The ‘found footage’ genre of horror films can be a tricky film style to work with.  Unfortunately, a lot of filmmakers tend to use the style as a crutch to make a cheap and easy horror film.  However, a few have actually utilized it in a way that is meaningful to the overall narrative of the film.  ”Delivery” is one of those movies. ”  – 4 out of 5 stars

“The genre needs a refreshing splash of creativity. In some ways, Brian Netto’s Delivery is that splash.”
“Now, like most small, found-footage horror productions, Delivery’s focus is not on myriad special effects to build tension and fear and to hold the audience’s attention, but on the cast members’ respective performances, the atmosphere, and the use of light and sound. And these aspects are all very strong in Delivery. The cast is excellent all-around, and the characters feel authentically human and relatable. Vail and Barclay are notable stand-outs, though… Delivery is their film, and their subtle, honest performances are what tether this movie to the realm of the believable. Rachel and Kyle are good people in love, they have palpable chemistry, and we empathize with them effortlessly, making the horrors that befall them all the more frightening.” 3 1/2 out of 5 Chainsaws

“Danny Barclay, Laurel Vail, and Rob Cobuzio (who plays the producer of the show that recites the dark events as he remembers them) commit so heavily to their roles that you truly feel as though you’re watching an actual late-night special relaying the story behind this chronicled tragedy.”
“…kudos to Netto for never resorting to cheap gimmicks as a means of inciting fear. Delivery’s narrative progresses disturbingly downward at a shockingly strong pace…” 3 out of 4 stars


Site hack fixed

Thursday, June 20th, 2013

My dreamhost account was hacked recently but I think I finally fixed it.  If any of these pages aren’t working,  let me know.  Hopefully it won’t happen again.  Hassle city.

The premiere of Delivery

Thursday, June 20th, 2013

Last night was the World Premiere of Delivery and it was wonderful.

Before the screening we went to dinner and drinks at Rock ‘N’ Fish which was very fun.  I had enough beers to introduce myself to our cinematographer’s wife, Joelle, who happens to play Eva on Justified which is one of my favorite shows.  I held it together and tried not to seem like a spaz.  Who can say if I succeeded? My friend Abby is also on the show, so I just brought that up.  By then it was about time to go, so I didn’t get to introduce her to my husband and he was sad.  I mean, not really, but he was teasing me about it.

LAFF Pre-Party Pre-Party 2

While we were there, the show sold out, but luckily my friends who didn’t have tickets got in via the rush line, so that was good.  I, however, didn’t realize my tickets were at will-call because the last time I was at a festival Erika and Dan had them in advance and just gave them to me.  So hilariously, I didn’t have a ticket to my own screening.  Adam, Jeff and I literally ran down 2 flights of stairs and down the block to the ticket booth (which had a Delivery poster hanging, one of 2) and picked them up.  It was fine.  We still had 5 minutes and they couldn’t start without Adam anyway.  So we got back and found our seats and they got started.

Jenn Murphy, who has recommended the film in her Staff Picks video, introduced Adam and Brian, who then introduced the film.

Delivery Intro

You guys, it’s more scary now that it’s finished.  It’s also really funny at parts, which was fun.  I didn’t turn around to watch people, but I could hear little gasps and exclamations like, “Oh No!”, “Jesus!”, etc. So that was delightful.  I also really enjoyed seeing it again and it still made me react, even though I knew what was going to happen and also I’m in it.  So I’d say it was very well received.

It ended around 11:30 I think, so about half the people headed out, but many of them let us know they liked it as they left.  Then we went up for the Q&A, which was fun to tell people about the process we went through making it.  Adam and Brian were also able to let people know that this was conceived before Paranormal Activity, though that film influenced them after they saw it later.  It made them confident that the concept would work if done right.  I think that’s an important point for people who won’t give it a chance once they hear the phrase found-footage.


After we ended the Q&A (and I finally had a chance to use the ladies room) we did the official pictures with the festival photographer.  I think I look kind of tired, but hey, it was late.




**EDIT – So I wore that necklace and then watching the film realized that I wore it in a lot of scenes.  Funny.  A lot of people thought I did it on purpose, but it was a coincidence.

Delivery World Premiere Q&A – Full of SPOILERS

Wednesday, June 19th, 2013

Recorded by Jason McDonald of recorded and posted this with his interview of Adam and Brian.

PREMIERE TOMORROW! – Is it still narcissism if you just Google a movie you are in?

Tuesday, June 18th, 2013

Delivery premieres tomorrow! You can order tickets until tomorrow, then they will be at the door only.

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