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Delivery heading to the mountains

Monday, August 26th, 2013

Delivery will be playing in the beautiful mountain resort town of Telluride, CO in October.  The Telluride Horror Show runs October 11-13.

Look at this place!

Talluride main street

A fun day as an extra?

Tuesday, August 20th, 2013

So last week a casting director I follow online posted about needing extras for a comedy pilot, unpaid.  Normally I’d be like “Nope.”  But then it was a period piece from the 1960’s, so I was like, “Well, ok.”  I get to dress up and I haven’t been on a set in a while.  Plus it’s good karma and all that.  I was also totally free all day.

I show up, just on time and so were all the other “Moms.”  We were on our game!  Everyone came dressed in a great outfit, with makeup as requested.  No one was late.  No one put on eyeliner, as they said they would be doing that.  These ladies were pros.  Some of them knew a person involved in the production and others were like me doing a favor for a casting director they had met.  We got there at 8am so we could get our clothes approved and eyeliner done.  Then at 10am, most of the kids showed up and then they got ready.  It was freaking adorable.  They were all around 10-12 and dressed like it was 1962.  A few of the actual moms came dressed as well, and they gave one a sweet beehive hairdo.  It was rad.  We looked awesome.

Moms of 1962

In this snap I’m the only one looking the wrong way.  I hope i was looking when the set photographer too hers at least.  😉

There was a cluster of girls next to me playing some online game and talking about wanting a PS4.  I’m pleased to see the next generation of girls not being afraid of technology.

I don’t know when we actually got on set, maybe around noon?  I didn’t sign an NDA (just a regular release form) but it probably would be bad form to talk about the awesome set.  And costumes.  And actors.  And music.  Just trust me they were great.  Also the crew was awesome.  Everyone was soooooo appreciative of us, and in return we were awesome on set.  Even after like 6 hours on a really uncomfortable metal bench, we still gave as much energy as we could.  It was more than just ‘background’ though, so that made it much more fun.  We were part of a lot of the jokes.  It’s suuuuper offensive, but really funny.  And the kids they found for the speaking roles were fantastic.  This kid in front of me was like a little stand up comedian.

The nice thing about working with kids is that it’s illegal to have them work over 8 hours, so we were done at 7:30 no matter what.  There was a welfare official there and everything to make sure of that.  Toward the end of the day it was a countdown trying to get all the scenes they needed shot.  I assume they did?  All the speaking kids had their scenes, so I think those were most important.  After we wrapped, we came out of the studio to find a million pizzas waiting.  I didn’t realize I was hungry until I started eating like a hundred pieces.

We did get some breaks during the day so we hung out in the holding area,  either reading, or using our phones, or chatting about surprisingly personal stuff.  Sitting around on a set is a good way to get to know people quickly.  I think there is a certain openness in that we don’t know if we’ll ever see these strangers again, so why not talk about fertility treatments and breastfeeding troubles?  Maybe it was also because it was all women, so people felt comfortable.  It was nice hanging out with a bunch of smart, interesting women all day.

On my way home I rolled the windows down and blasted my music. It was a good day and I am glad I went.

The next morning my butt was sore from the bench and I had the song stuck in my head, but no regrets.  I hope it gets picked up.  I’d like to see the finished product.

The Big Easy will be the Big Scary! (sorry.)

Tuesday, August 20th, 2013

Brian and Adam are going to be so busy in October.  ANOTHER screening, this one in New Orleans!  The festival is Oct. 10-17, so they can hit that one before the Twin Cities, then the UK ones.  Am I missing any?

New Orleans Festival

Another UK Festival for Halloween – Mayhem 2013

Thursday, August 8th, 2013

Delivery is also going to Nottingham for the 9th Annual Mayhem Festival.  I’m not sure if Halloween is as big in the UK, but let’s assume it is. *

Brian will be out there for this screening as well.  Early passes are on sale now.

Twitch is excited too.


*apparently costume parties in the UK are called “Fancy Dress Parties” according to Matt Kirshen on the Probably Science Podcast.  That’s a fun podcast if you like comedy and science by the way.

Cheers! Delivery coming to the U.K.!

Friday, August 2nd, 2013

Celluloid Screams announced that Delivery will be part of this year’s festival in October.  No, I won’t be going out to Sheffield, but Adam and Brian will be there after taking the red eye from the Twin Cities Film Fest on October 25.

If someone wants to sponsor me to go to England, I probably wouldn’t turn you down.  😉