The Night Caller – day 1

July 3rd, 2010 ~ 8:00 pm

We started shooting The Night Caller today. Seemed like everything went well. The kitchen was really small, so it was comedically tight in there for the first couple shots. Then we moved to the dining room, which was much roomier. Between takes the little girl playing my daughter liked to come up with games. Many of them didn’t really make sense. She liked Truth or Dare, which consisted of her whispering questions or dares to me repeatedly because i couldn’t hear her. She mostly dared me to call the other actor a nerd and/or loser and her truth questions consisted of asking us if we liked a boy/girl. She’s seven. It’s sort of adorable. She also had bizarre stories about some friend she hates that ruined her birthday party. I remember having friends I didn’t like. I’m glad I outgrew that. Now I don’t waste my time with jerks.
I’m not great with kids, but I tried. I’ve never played a mom before so hopefully I seemed mom-like.

We finished the first section today up to when the husband leaves, so tomorrow it’s just me and the girl. We’re hoping we can finish her stuff tomorrow so they won’t have to come back down Monday.

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