Outfest Kickoff Party

July 3rd, 2010 ~ 8:28 pm

Looks like I’m getting into Outfest events early. I’ll be attending the D.I.V.A. Outfest kickoff/ The Kids Are Alright release party.

I might be the only one from Leading Ladies who can make it, so I’ll probably have to get up and tell people about the film. I’m a little nervous since Erika usually does it and does it so well. Maybe I can memorize what she’s said in interviews and just repeat that. 🙂 No, it’ll be fine. I can talk to strangers. I can pretend I’m not shy. I’m not super shy anyway, but it’s still awkward being around lots of people I don’t know. I mean, it’s that way for everyone- not just me. They’re showing the trailer, so I don’t know if they’ll need me to say anything anyway. I can just mingle and convince people how awesome the movie is and that they should get tickets!

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