The Night Caller – day 2

July 4th, 2010 ~ 9:06 pm

Today we shot all the scenes that only have me and the little girl. We were both equally sleepy, so there was less game playing all around. We managed to get everything done a bit early. I even had some time to doze off while they were resetting the room. The little girl did really well today, even though she was tired too. And it was nice to see that her mom was normal and not some weirdo stage mom type of lady. Like you felt that the little girl really enjoyed herself instead of having some parent pushing them into it.

The funny thing about having a kid on set is that you have to pay more attention to what you say. Like normally people will be swearing like sailors, but you have to come up with alternative expletives when a kid’s around, as well as avoiding certain topics -ie sex related stuff, etc.- unless you can disguise the conversation using words she wouldn’t know.

We finished around 7pm so I still made it to the tail end of some friends’ BBQ. Happy 4th of July!

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