DIVA party

July 7th, 2010 ~ 9:53 pm

I went to the party last night and it was super fun! I got there pretty early and had a drink. It was kind of terrible, but I finished it anyway. I decided to be brave and talk to a random person. He happened to just be there meeting a friend and wasn’t aware of the event. Then his friend showed up so I wandered away. Then I talked to another fellow who also does graphics, so we nerded out on that for a while. Eventually Nikki came with her roommie and we went upstairs and did an interview with Indie Express. Not sure when that will be up. It was fun. By then I had ordered a second drink (which was much much better- don’t order a Mai Thai there though. It was like all sour mix and not even close to a mai thai) I was a little worried I would be buzzed and mess up when they ask about the movie, but I don’t think I did. Ha ha.

They played a bunch of trailers for a bunch of good movies playing at Outfest. If representatives were there they got up and talked to one of the hosts. Lots of people were really excited for Leading Ladies which was cool. I met a bunch of fun people. I need to figure out which screenings I can make it to because some are at the same time.

After the event was winding down we decided we all looked to good to go home yet, so we walked to the Abbey and had one more drink there. I had a Miller Lite because I’m a classy dame! Also delicious Parmesan fries. We chatted with the bartender, since it was Tuesday and really slow, and met some cool lesbians hanging out on a Tuesday night. Eventually we left. I was kinda hung over today.

No events today, but tomorrow is Opening night! Red Carpet fun! Yaaaay! E and DB will be here. Then Rebecca gets in Friday! Not sure who else will be here. Soooo excited!

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