Outfest- Opening Night! (part 1)

July 9th, 2010 ~ 11:20 am

I woke up this morning and thought- was that a dream? No. We were really out until 3:30am hanging with Dave Foley.

The night began at my place. Nikki came over to get ready and carpool. We got gussied up and headed out. Traffic wasn’t too bad, so we got downtown before 6:30.

They were still setting up when we arrived. We met up with fellow filmmakers we’d met on Tuesday, Danny and Jacob from The Four Faced Liar. It was a bit chilly so we wandered to the bar next door for a drink. When we came back out they were done setting up the backdrop and had begun the red carpet stuff. Jim, our PR guy corralled us over to the one side and we waited patiently while Jane Lynch and her wife were photographed. Then it was our turn. Tough act to follow, ha ha. It was really fun and efficient. Each photographer will ask you to look at them, they take a few snaps then the next one goes. It’s like there is a specific etiquette for them. I really appreciated that. they will even let you know if you should tilt your head and stuff. It’s pretty friendly. We did singles then pairs and then groups. Ms. Lynch was still on the carpet interviewing with The Advocate, so we shimmied behind her to the other side. there were a few more photographers there and then we waited to the side for Ms. Lynch to finish. Then it was our turn. Erika gave her excellent sound bites to the gentleman interviewing. (I forget his name. I’ll look it up when they post the video.) Then we were finished there.

We got our tickets from this fellow Casey who was super nice and we’d been in touch with before. I believe he is one of the coordinators for filmmakers.

They had a VIP pre-party behind the theater in a big lot. We talked to lots of people. Erika handed out lots of the temporary tattoos and post cards. I said hello to J.D. Disalvatore who produced 2 of the movies I think. I know she did A Marine Story and I wanted to say hi because my friend Ned Mochel did their fight choreography. I’ll be going to that screening. We got some free drinks. Absolut sponsored them so it was a-flowin’. We went back to the front so we could look for the people with food trays. The director/writer and star/producer of A Marine Story were there so we talked to them for a while.

Everybody went back inside and found seats in the balcony. The volunteer by us helped us snag 4 seats together. They began with some speeches by the folks in charge. Then they presented Jane Lynch with the achievement award. (Great day for her, 2 Emmy noms and the award.) She is just wonderful. So striking and full of joy. I bet she is lovely to work with.

The movie was Howl. It was very interesting because I didn’t know anything about Ginsberg. The use a lot of surreal animations to express the poem throughout and intercut scenes from the courtroom, Ginsberg’s life, and him being interviewed. I asked one of the directors about how much was from transcripts and apparently everything in the courtroom was verbatim. It’s pretty funny. They were very nice fellows. We talked to them for a bit at the after party.

After the film we went downstairs and ran into Nelson who organized the D.I.V.A. event. We followed the crowds out into the street. Outfest had placed volunteers with beacons to help guide people to the club. How thoughtful!

There was a huge long line to get in. But then we were told that our wristbands meant we should go to the line all way on the other side. Turns out it was equally long. It went pretty fast though. We were told there was food on the 4th floor when we entered, but there was no 4th floor! It’s a trap! We had an ongoing joke that it was going to be like in Blade where we get locked in and attacked by vampires.

We waited in a slow line for drinks, but they were free. Someone came around with some food thing which was good. Then we hit the dance floor.

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