Outfest- Opening Night! (part 2)

July 9th, 2010 ~ 11:56 am

You know, you’d think that an after party at one of the biggest gay events of the year would be a jumping, gyrating dance party, but it turns out most people felt like standing and talking. We are not most people so we danced. The longer we danced the more people joined us. the music was so-so, mostly techno-y. Eventually they had a dance mix of Don’t Stop Believin’ and that kicked it up a notch. That segued into some Lady Gaga and we had a circle around us while we went all nuts. that felt like the finale. We left soon thereafter. We needed food.

E and D were down the stairs and Nikki and I were lagging behind. I see her stopped on the landing talking to some guy. Oh shit son, it’s mother****ing Dave Foley. I’ve been a Kid’s in the Hall fan for like 20 years. (I left off the number but I did say I was a huge fan since I was very young.) I used to lay at the foot of my bed when I had an earlier bedtime because when the door was open I had a clear view into the living room and could watch KITH, The Tracy Ullman show, the Gary Shandling Show, etc. So this was pretty exciting.

His friend comes up and they insist we come meet some other fellow upstairs, so we go back up and meet this other fellow. They ask us to stay for a drink so we tell them we have to go get E and D, who are still downstairs. Eventually Foley says he wants to come get food too. So we head out. He finds some other friends that are going to a nearby Tequila bar so we go for one more drink. Turns out Foley & co. were not there for any Outfest type thing. They were checking out his friends’ new bar (the Falls, I think) that will be opening soon. They just happened to come by the club.

We have another drink and chat. Some air guitar is played. Then eventually the lights come up for last call. I didn’t finish my drink, because I’m responsible and knew I hadn’t eaten enough to balance it out.

It was finally time for food so we went back to my car (after going the wrong way for over a block) and drove over to the Pantry. Some folks recognized Foley and he said hello and chatted briefly.

You know loves coleslaw? Dave Foley loves coleslaw. Well, at least he does when he’s drunk. I can’t speak for him sober. Apparently Foley’s last meal would be coleslaw- and spaghetti. also loves that. I asked if they would be together and he’s like, Yeah. We shared some fries with malt vinegar, which I’d never tried. It’s not bad.

I dropped E and D at their hotel then dropped Foley off where he lives. Then I dropped Nikki off and got home around 4:15am. Today my boyfriend’s Facebook status was, “My superstar girlfriend was out partying until 3 AM on a WEEKNIGHT. She is already OUT OF CONTROL.” Hilarious. (He is of course joking.)

So yeah. Then I woke up at my usual time of 7:30am and feel kinda lousy today. But whatever. What a fun night.

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