Leading Ladies in Los Angeles

July 12th, 2010 ~ 12:34 am

What a day. Just utterly wonderful all around.

Met up with Teahm Beahm a little before the Conversation with Jane Lynch at the DGA. There was still some room so we got to go. She is so lovely. She’s someone I want to be like. Well respected character actor, super down to earth, really appreciates people around her and just loves what she does. I feel like I am taking a similar road, doing lots of shorts and things just to be doing it. She also doesn’t like doing stage improv! She’s a good role model for me career-wise and human-being-wise.

After that we exited the theater and some of my friends were already there for our movie. I wandered around socializing and handing out tattoos. I had an embarrassing hiccup in my memory banks when I didn’t recognize a director i’d worked with. I’m pretty bad at recognizing people. It doesn’t happen as much as it used to and facebook helps a ton. But sometimes it’s like, just nothin’. I once didn’t recognize my own sister, so I know it’s my brain being lousy and not me being a flakey douche bag. But then I remembered her and after also getting her name wrong I at least got her last name right so she knew I did in fact know her. Ugh. Embarrassing.

Anyway. So more friends show up and they get in line. Erika let me know where we will be sitting and I go in to sit down. My boyfriend joins me. At one point one of the ushers comes over to make sure we’re supposed to be there. It was sort of funny and he was really nice about it. The theater was fairly full. I don’t know if the tickets sold out or not. I know several people that bought tickets then couldn’t make it at the last minute. An outfest person got up and introduced Erika and Daniel and they said some brief intro and then the lights went down.

This was my first time seeing it in a big theater with a nice sound system, etc. So much better! There was a moment during Benji and Jordan’s dance number where the sound started hiccuping and my stomach just tensed up. I was like “NOOOOO!” but it only did it 3 or so times close together and then it went away. You could feel the tension though. I would have been so sad if they had to stop it and start it back again. Other than that the screening went totally smoothly. People laughed, probably cried. They told me they did anyway.

Afterward we went up while the credits were finishing since they are pretty long – lots of people helped on it. The fellow from the beginning asked a few questions and then we did a Q&A from the audience. It occurred to me later that I should have had my boyfriend tape it on my little camera, but once again I forgot I had it with me. Maybe it will show up on the internet somehow from someone who was there. I know there were some questions about if we’d danced before and some stuff about casting. One girl asked me and Nikki how our lives were different since making it. Looking back on anything I answered, I hope I made sense and didn’t babble too much. Ha ha. I got to tell the story of my mid-shooting breakdown when me and the interns were crying uncontrollably. I love that story.

We cleared out the theater for the next screening and went out to get some pictures. Then we could meet up with our friends at the reception. It took me a long time to get to the back patio because people kept stopping to tell me I was great. I was like- “This is wonderful! I just walk around and strangers tell me how great I am? I could do this more often!” Seriously though, it was so great to hear that from people i don’t know. Friends will always say you did well, but strangers don’t have to talk to you. I’m really proud of my performance. And I think the movie could really speak to a lot of people. I’m lucky to have been a part of it. Oh! I also had a dance instructor tell me she thought I looked like a dancer. So, training paid off!

Lots of socializing. So many friends came. It was wonderful. Others couldn’t make it for various reasons, so hopefully we’ll be screening here again soon. I met lots of people. Benji’s dad was there. I think his sister was too but i didn’t meet her. She was almost my pretend sister but her contract with DWTS wouldn’t let her dance in our movie. That’s how we got the lovely Shannon. Miss that girl. I met a couple of her friends from Chicago who live up in the bay area, so she was tangentially there with us. Rebecca was there with her mom and DB’s brother Matt was there. Sara Von was there. She’s blonde now, we didn’t even recognize her! I met this fellow who’s been in the biz since the 50’s. Old school Hollywood. He’s married to E’s Aunt’s best friend. I think. I think that’s what they said. Anyway, he was delightful. I also met the mom of the Hughes Brothers. And probably a bunch of other folks. It was great.

After the crowd thinned out we started brainstorming where to go. Brainstorming on an empty stomach is hard. We took forever. After calling to reserve a table, then calling to cancel we ended up just walking down to Cheebo anyway. It all worked out and they managed to fit us in there. some of us sat before the others, but we all got together eventually. Once I sat down I realized how beat I was. I ate a bunch since i hadn’t eaten since that morning, though I didn’t feel that hungry until we got there. Too much excitement. Afterward we were going to walk over to Coach & Horses bar, but i was a bit dizzy so I walked home instead.

I went home and got into PJs. I didn’t fall asleep until around 1, but I was still too pooped to do anything. What a day.

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