Ok, back again

May 21st, 2009 ~ 10:56 am

Maybe I have time now.  We've been kept busy this week.  Tuesday was a dance day.  3 hours in the morning for tango then some more later after scene rehearsal.  Our tango is soooo hot.  We have the choreography planned out and just need to get really good at it and practice doing it in a confined aisle.  We have it marked in the floor, so we can get practice with that before getting on set.  I gotta say, I am just in love with Melanie and benji already.  They are doing such a great job and helping us so much on our technique.  And benji is like our own private stage show 24-7.  He's a natural born showman.  He is cracking us constantly.

We also had a great rehearsal that day where melanie made as all cry.  That's all we do is make each other cry back and forth.  Ha ha.  But yeah.  Rehearsals are going great and we're getting great help from Lisa, the on set coach. 

My friend aimee came to town that evening since she's on a road trip.  She had dinner with us and got to experience the hospitality of Champaign when we went to another donor's home and ate delicious food.  After dinner we went back to the suites and chatted then watched some online TV and went to bed.  She headed out affter I got up in the morning.  Yay friend visits!

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