Crisis in the nick of time

May 21st, 2009 ~ 8:41 pm

Yesterday at rehearsal we found out Lacey's bbc contract didn't allow her to dance on screen, like ever, except where they say so.  That meant she couldn't be in our movie.  Luckily we found out the day before she was supposed to arrive and not after we started shooting, since that would have meant we couldn't use any of her footage and the movie would likely never be released.  So yeah, close call. 

So then erika had to find a replacement, that day.

sent from a phone. TECHNOLOGY!

Not sent from a phone from this point on!

(I'm back in my room.  blogging on the go doesn't always time out.)
Anyway,  Erika calls this other girl, Shannon, in New York, who she knows from grad school and is a dancer and had auditioned back when there was auditions.  Shannon canceled her vacation plans (isn't that always the way?) and was on a plane in the morning.  Woah!  I could not even fathom that.  Like, a call asking to come out for 6 weeks, the night before?!  But here she is and she's great!  Hooray!  Sorry no Lacey for you folks, but thems the breaks.  Sometimes contracts are inconvenient.

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  1. Sheila says:

    I’d like to say that really stinks!! I was really looking forward to seeing Lacey in the movie… I may not even bother to go see the movie now-I’m sure many other Lacey fans will probably feel the same way. Guess thems the breaks too:(

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