Wednesday – Locations and swing!

May 21st, 2009 ~ 8:41 pm

Wednesday was more rehearsal in the morning then we went to see where we are shooting the swing club scene, the dance studio stuff and Mona’s apartment stuff, all amazingly in the same building complex!

You know those stories about a person who writes or paints something and then it comes to life? I think that’s what was going on here because there was even the perfect wall next to a men’s room sign, just like they had in the script. Like it’s uncanny how directly lifted from the script all these places are. an original location for the club fell through and then they found this incredible old vaudeville theater a local couple is restoring. It also happens to have an old dance studio space and rooms full of antiques and curiosities for Mona’s place. It is completely unbelievable. This film will seriously look like a $5 million film. It’s nuts.

So after that we went to the Pizza parlor I’ll be dancing and working in. Also, literally as they imagined. And then we ate lunch there.

After that we returned to rehearsal and worked on swing dancing. Then a bunch of swing dancers arrived for Melanie to choreograph with us. Then Jennifer, the cowriter, arrived and we met her and showed her our moves so far. She was seriously moved. I don’t think she really believed it was happening until she got to set and saw everyone really making their movie.

Perhaps you are aware Benji’s a repeat championship winner in Swing and comes from a family of champion Swing dancers. He came up with some amazing fancy swing stuff for him to do with his friend when he gets here. they’ve been friends and rivals since they were little, so it’s sort of hilarious that they will be dating in the movie. He he. Gay dance movie! Yay!

So we did that for several hours until dinner I think. We didn’t dance the entire time. Sometimes we watched them. Well, Benji danced, but he’s like a ball of energy.

That night our caterer arrived.
Guys. The food they are feeding us is so good. Like Soooo good. Extra bonus is that she is Nicole and my roommate so we get to bend her ear if we would like specific foods. So far i am elated by what they are providing. White bean chili that night with fresh corn bread! Mmmmm. Gretchen wins all the prizes.

After dinner we were whisked back to the hair salon for adjustments to Nicole’s and to make Shannon’s hair match mine. She came in blonde. I was there to be a palette, but I didn’t have anything I needed to do, so I sort of dozed a bit in the chair. Then at some point Rebecca, the ass-kicking stylist, switched the music and it was swing. So, Nicole and I practiced our moves. I seem to get a lot of dance rehearsal in when I’m at that place. The first time Melanie was dancing tango with me. Their floor is just so smooth!

Then we came home and went to bed.

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