Today – read through #2 and tango

May 21st, 2009 ~ 9:09 pm

Now I’ll be caught up.

Today we could sleep in a bit, but I woke up early and alert. This morning we did another table read with Jennifer present and Shannon was there finally too. It was awesome, and so much richer this time because we had Shannon now and we’d worked on many of the big scenes in rehearsals. We made people cry again. It’s a really good script, guys.

After that we had delicious lunch then the camera tests. They are shooting on Red. Our DP is Pete Biagi. He’s like so chill and dry witted. We love him.

We also did initial makeup tests and I apologized for the state of my complexion these days. You can’t tell from this blog, but I had some major break outs the past month or two, compounded by stress, so I picked the hell out of them. Ugh. It’s like a test of will power at this point to leave my skin the fuck alone for the next week to let it heal. I’ve honestly never had my face be like this, so that in itself is stressful. Maybe the only thing stressing me out right now to be honest. I didn’t know what to do about it, and then tonight Chloe gave me some good advice on toner and moisturizer, and I actually feel better about it already. I just have to resist the compulsion to pick at it and I’ll get better. It’ll be ok. It’s just shitty now. So some of my behind the scenes stuff on the dvd will look like ass, but oh well. I look like ass sometimes. Thems the breaks.
In a way it’s good because I can use it for my character. That’s what’s fun about acting- you can use negative emotions in a constructive way.

So yeah, the camera tests went over time and we tried rehearsing some dancing on the carpet in the office. No dice. I started feeling crappy- tired a little light headed and flushed, so I drank a bunch of water. Eventually i think that helped once I got up and moving later.

We went to the rehearsal space and worked more on the tango and they choreographed the fancy stuff with Benji and Shannon. They are amazing. You can’t even tell Shannon hadn’t done ballroom before. Amazing. Aaaand flexible! Those dancers…
On our side of the floor my form is getting waaay better and we adjusted this one move i thought was weird so now it is also smoking hot. They adjusted the arms after we fixed my footwork, and I like it better now. It was the one part that felt wierd for me, but now it’s all awesome. So it was a good rehearsal for everyone. Man, watching Melanie work is just … I don’t know. It’s just such a priveledge for all of us.

Dinner was after that and then we went our to the store to get some supplies for our rooms. Then Shannon came up to our room and we did some charater work. i went through all the stuff Craig taught me and how i use it and she found a lot of it helpful. It was really fun. I love character work. We didn’t really do lines, because the lines will follow the character homework. Plus our rehearsals for our bigger scenes are on Saturday.

Then I caught up on my blog. yay!

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  1. Susan says:

    If you get too stressed out, you should head over to Courier Cafe on Race and Main in Urbana. They make the best milkshakes in town (besides Steak n Shake)

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