May 24th, 2009 ~ 8:22 am

When I woke up, my skin was already getting better. Piece of mind, man, it makes a difference. Chloe gets gold stars.

We did scene stuff with Melanie, Shannon, and I that morning to prep for the first day of shooting. At lunch we found out Benji’s Tux fitting went way over so Rebecca was waiting forever to do round two of hair for him. She is stellar. She even sent us flowers the other day. We adore her. (For Champaign locals, her salon is Ippatsu.)

I checked my email and got a comment on here from a Lacey fan being mad about her not being here and refusing to see the finished movie. Well, it’s not really our fault she is locked into another contract. I wasn’t sure about publishing that comment because it was a little odd being on my blog and not a Lacey site, but hey, let’s have full disclosure on here, right? It did make me realize that folks like Benji might have super fans who follow them closer than I thought. Benji relayed a story about a stalker who found him at some hotel somewhere, and it was really scary, so I went back and changed where I link to where we are staying. I mean, there is a security person in the lobby, but still. I don’t want to be leading Benji stalkers here.

Anyway, after lunch we did more scene stuff then dancing. We worked on the big tango finish and I ended up getting a hard core bruise on my shoulder. It showed up immediately. It’s still like dark purple. I bruise really easy so I’m already looking like a cage fighter. Makeup has their work cut out for them with me!

Then we had amazing lasagna for dinner. We are mega spoiled.

Afterward we went back home and Nicole and I went down to Walgreens, which was freaking closed already! It was barely after 9! boo! So we walked around and then stopped by a pub for a beer. It was fun and we still got home early.

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