Saturday, still a workday for us.

May 24th, 2009 ~ 8:51 am

The morning rehearsal was similar to Friday’s, with Melanie, Shannon and I. Lunch, delicious as always. Then after lunch was like the intense crying rehearsal stuff. there is a lot of crying in this comedy. Though it mostly seems like that now because we’re shooting the heavy scenes first. Erika is so funny- she’s like, ‘I don’t want this to ever be like an after school special’ retarded drama. It’s all up and snappy and witty, even when people are crying at each other. It’s such a fucking great script. We spent a while working through emotional exercises and then running the scenes. Working with these people is making my job so easy. I look in their eyes and they rip my guts out. Plus there are lines in the script I can’t even read quietly without tearing up.

So after our cry-fest, we spent some time working out more of our swing dancing (talk about a change of direction). It’s really fun. We have some great saucy stuff. Lots of really good character stuff in there too. We spent an extra hour there so we had dinner at normal time instead o early like originally planned. We managed to get back home in time to get to Walgreens at least. Then the 5 leads met up and ran some lines. We tried coming up with strategies to help Melanie memorize her giant monologues. She has a few and they ain’t easy. Then she had us do this exercise where we each come up with 3 words to describe each person’s personality as we see them now and then 3 for ourselves. It was really fun. I got a lot of things like- grounded, still, meticulous. I even used words like that for myself. I think my favorite was where Shannon was trying to come up with a way to describe how I can be really chatty sometimes and totally quiet other times, like I’m very inconsistent socially. I think we called it selectively social. and it’s so true. Like when I’m at work I’m very quiet to most people and when they find out I’m an actress they think it’s the craziest thing. I guess it goes back to me being shy and needed a level of comfort to be talkative.
Everyone came up with some really good ones for each other. we’ll do the exercise again at the end to see if we changed how we feel about each other. He he he.

I left after that to go have ‘a’ drink with the interns. Sometimes that means like, 2 and a half pints apparently. Beer is crazy cheap here. Specials last night were $1.75 for a pint, so it’s easy to make ‘a’ drink into a few. It was fun though and I got to sleep in today (but still woke up at 9 for some reason). Little Brett showed up (named ‘Little’ because there is another Brett who is higher up in the food chain and we are bad with nicknames.) He worked the room a bit since he lives here and everybody knew him. We sort abandoned Christie briefly at the bar cashier (They have a queue at the pub here! I approve!) with a fellow we dubbed Doc Autistic. He was likely neither a doctor nor autistic, but it stuck.

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