Sunday- Weight loss!

May 24th, 2009 ~ 2:24 pm

I had another fitting today and some of the pants I tried on Monday morning had to be pinned in a little already. Guess it makes sense when I’m dancing a few hours a day. But now the nice slacks I got before I left are really loose and don’t stay up. It makes sense, but they are new and I’m just getting to wear them. Well, I’m sure they will be fine with a belt. Can’t really return them at this point.

We had brunch in our suite today. Spoiled! We are totally spoiled. Then I tried to get Nicole a bunch of music from my computer, but I don’t know if she ever got her Ipod to behave.

My fitting went well. We made more decisions on specific scenes, and Markas LOVED my T shirt from, so I wrote to them to make sure they’ll give us permission to show the Bunnim in the movie.

Other than the fitting it’s our day off, so we’re going to go out to Mexican food later and I’ll see my friend Kenneth who is nearby visiting his family. The other leads and I might get together again and do vocal exercises if folks are up to it. I still need to write out my notes for the shoots this week in my binder and make a good ipod play list for Toni-inspiration.

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