New Agent!

August 21st, 2010 ~ 1:51 am

Well, this week I got a call from Rick Brown over at Act One Talent. He was super excited about all my materials- photos, reel, resume, etc. I decided to switch over to his agency for both Commercial and Theatrical since they will do both. I think it will work really well for me since I like to have a more direct approach in what I get submitted on and they’ll listen to my requests. We have a similar philosophy in that regard. I’m just so relieved and excited to have someone to submit me electronically on TV and film breakdowns. And if I get more commercial auditions, even better! It’s a smaller place than Baron, so I’m trying to be a bigger fish in a smaller pond for now. I think it’s a place where each client could get more consideration because there are less of them to worry about. Which isn’t to say I was unhappy with Baron. They just weren’t interested in adding new theatrical clients, and that’s something that is important to me right now.

In other news we have dates for the feature locked down for January due to location needs. But it’s locked now, so I can schedule plenty of other projects in the interim- whereas before I wasn’t sure what my fall availability was.

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