Shooting Day Eve

May 25th, 2009 ~ 7:17 pm

All is quiet. That’s a lie. My music is on. And I type loud. But still, we are all in our rooms. Me, I’m actually procrastinating making my notes for scene 12. It’s our first scene. We ran it in the actual dance studio today and we’re in really good shape. I’m not worried about a thing. Which is why I’m not doing my writing. It’s a lighter scene and the only one with dialogue tomorrow, so we are all starting light to get the hang of everything coming together at once. Lights camera and action and all that.

This morning Mona and I had a private rehearsal with Erika- in their apartment… And yeah, you can bet some sexy stuff happened! Don’t you wish you were there?

Then we had lunch. There was a gap of unscheduled time (gasp!) before we shuttled to the sets so we got to see the sparkly dress Shannon and Nicole get to wear at various times in the film. Oooh la la! I also found out that my favorite shirt is going to be during a full dialogue scene and not just a montage bit. Yay!

It was so great seeing the sets again. The room that will be used for Mona’s apartment is painted this gorgeous rich dark red with dark dark brown (black?) mottling. They started filling it with various furniture. It’s going to be just incredible. I’m already jealous of this fake apartment. We all want to live in Mona’s place.

We had a pretty long rehearsal in the studio and we worked out the remainder of the swing dance with Melanie. We are getting pretty good with it. I just have to remember to count at certain times. I keep just going and then halfway I’m like- Crap! When are we spinning? Fail! but yeah, we’re getting it. it’s next week so We’ve been focusing on it more lately. ( I say ‘Lately’ as if we’ve been here for weeks!)

We got to see the photos from the photographer the other day and they are stunning. It’s like she somehow transformed our rehearsal space into a magical dance hall. They’ll be up on facebook soon.

There are a ton of new faces today. All the sound guys and the camera assistants and the PA’s, etc. were in and out of the clubhouse today. Me and Nicole have been trying really hard to learn names. We’re both bad at it so we try to help each other as we go over our contact list. We were getting pretty good with it. But then all these people showed up so my brain kind of overloaded by dinner. I kept calling Gretchen, ‘Genine.’ Not far, but come on, she’s my roommate.

So tomorrow will be a nice way to ease into the shooting schedule. Wednesday we amp it up and Thursday is like, hard core cry-fest day. We shoot most, if not all of the emotionally heavy scenes that day. Whew! We have extra pickup time slotted for Friday though, so we should be fine. Nicole has no scenes tomorrow so she won’t be on set. There is a limit to the number of people upstairs since the space is so old and hasn’t been fully renovated yet. Any non-essentials have to be downstairs so she wouldn’t get to watch. 🙁 but she will be out getting her nails done and such. It’s her birthday so hopefully she gets pampered.

Ok now i have to go and write out my homework, or go to bed, whichever comes first.

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