Mini headshot session

August 27th, 2010 ~ 1:10 pm

I decided to try a new photographer for a mini set of headshots today. I know her from workshop, and some other folks from there had also worked with her.
Based on mixed feedback from workshops, I decided that my current shots, while lovely, aren’t capturing my essence. some say my shots look older than I look in person. I don’t see it, but more than one said it about more than one photo. So my goal today was to get a youthful, fun shot that will feel like my personality when I walk in the room.

We shot outdoors around her studio in NoHo and luckily it wasn’t as crazy hot today as it’s been. It started getting a bit hot toward the end, but hopefully it didn’t make my face red or anything. I did my own makeup this time so that it would look just like the makeup I do on a regular basis. My complexion is a wee bit dodgy today, but my hair was good. I timed my last haircut just right so it would be a good length but not so recently cut. I can retouch for blemishes if they are visible.
I should have proofs to check out early next week. Yay!

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