Day 1 – Start it out nice and 'easy'

May 27th, 2009 ~ 7:08 pm

I woke up early – I’m sleeping really well. I think it’s the exercise and having only one thing to worry about right now.

We shuttled over to the set. I got changed in 5 seconds since I have the easiest outfits in the movie. So far I’ve been in workout pants and then whatever shirt and Hushpuppies. They throw my hair up in a pony tail and voila! Wardrobed! Then they do makeup which is also super simple. I am frump-tastic in a lot of this film. Fortunately my breakout is almost totally healed so they can cover the red and it looks like normal again. Yay! I have one big blemish, but I doubt it will be very noticeable, even on the Red. If it is, oh well. I am Queen of the Frumps! I was so boxy I would catch my reflection in the mirror and be like- ‘Who’s that? Oh it’s me!’ I love it. It’s so funny. I was first in and out, so I had some time to wander around.

The dance studio is on the third floor, no elevator. it’s connected to ‘Mona’s apartment.’ They moved all of Mona’s furniture to one side and turned the ‘Red Room,’ as we now call it, into the gear room. Sound is there and all the light stuff and the computer that backs up all the disks from the camera. It’s mega hot in there. No AC and I’m assuming they can’t open windows for sound and such. Fans have to be turned off for takes, etc. So the dance studio is actually more tolerable usually. The upstairs area has a kitchen, so that’s where craft services set up. there was more food downstairs too, where makeup was. there is also AC down there, almost too much.

We got started a wee bit late, but not bad for the first day with a fairly new crew. For some people it was their first time on a set. However, it seemed like things went smoothly, in terms of technical stuff. One or two power outs on a section, but nothing that delayed us much. The construction across the street was noisy so we had to hold for saws a lot. So as people got the hang of everything we knocked out some pretty good material.

It’s a lighter scene at the beginning of the film so I only needed to know about like 5 lines. for some reason one of them just gets stuck in my mouth, so I’m pretty sure I said it different on a lot of takes, but I tried to be consistent if the camera was actually seeing my mouth move. There was a lot of coverage in the scene because there is a lot of bantering and a lot of movement. There is a really awesome dolly shot with Cedric and Tasi dancing back and forth that slowly goes into my face. I say awesome because others reported this. I don’t get to see the monitor, obviously.

At some point we have lunch and change out of our wardrobe. I take 5 seconds. woo! We eat leisurely. Guess what? It was delicious. I ate so much my tummy hurt. I knew better today though. Then we get back into wardrobe and get makeup fixed. I take 5 seconds. Everyone else is layered and pinned and they have to burrow their mic into panty hose and such. Peeing requires assistance to get in and out for Shannon and Melanie. I do not envy them. They do, however, look fucking rad. So it’s worth it.

More shooting after lunch. Nicole was able to come on set after all, so she was there on and off all day. She also went to get her nails and eyebrows done so she got it all in.

We eventually lost the light and had to put off the end of the scene and the montage bits. I asked Tone, the 1st AD, how we did and he said all things considered, great. New directors, new crew, 1st day? Yeah. I felt good about it too.

At the end of the day I went to get dinner and right after I got my plate I was told I had to leave. Like suddenly and couldn’t even sit for 10 minutes to just eat it. I was like, well then F’ it, I’ll just eat at home, I don’t want to worry about spilling shit in the car. Had I known I would be rushed away I’d have picked a sandwich instead of the wrap and beans. So I’m just sort of tired and confused and think I have to go suddenly. There was a point where I was heading for the door with this plate I no longer want and someone was like- ‘where are you going?’ And I’m like- ‘I don’t know, they are kicking me out!’ So then we all determine I can sit down because everyone else is still undressing and it’s not like they are ready to go. then it turned out it really didn’t matter anyway since I’m not union, so F’ it. I guess they have to get signed out within the time or it’s extra money, so they wanted to make sure the actors were off the set in time. but the question remains where the set technically ends. We have food at the location but in another section. If it was at the office and people had to be shuttled that wouldn’t count. It’s weird. Sometimes rules bug me when I don’t give a damn about them but they inconvenience me.

So yeah, anyway, i stayed and ate and then in the end stayed another hour because they made me and Shannon a hair appointment. The original dye was washing out so we went back to get permanent dye. I don’t need to change it back later, but Rebecca wasn’t sure if Shannon did.

We get to Ippatsu and Shannon asks if they have a bucket or something to soak her poor feet in. (in heels for like over 8 hours) not only does Rebecca have a foot bath, but she also ends up giving her a foot massage while her hair sets. Meanwhile I’m in the other chair setting, and soaking my feet. Glorious. She is amazing. Though she made it clear we were a special case and she does not actually do any massage work in regular life. So don’t go in there thinking they do that there.

We got home at like 11:30 so by the time I showered and checked emails it was after midnight. Apparently the Sound guys are the party animals and had a get together in their room last night. Nicole made it, which was good because it was her Bday. The boys gave me, Shannon, and Raquel a hard time for missing it. I’m like- ‘I was busy visiting Sleepytime Junction!’ I didn’t actually say that I don’t think. But that is a phrase I keep using. Stayed up too late though because I actually slept into my alarm for the first time in almost a week today.

I didn’t have much time to take snap shots. I was on the set or on brief standby most of the day.

But yeah, I’d call day 1 a success. I think everyone rocked it.

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