Day 2 – Violence!

May 28th, 2009 ~ 7:33 pm

Day 2 was in the same set but mostly a different scene. We finished up the end of 12 then moved on to the original plan of 19. This one was more involved in terms of some basic stunts we needed. We had to knock over a wood-framed plastic dressing screen and I had to be slapped. The screen came down awesomely and only broke a little so they could still use it and take it a few times. Yay! There was one take where we dropped it and then I come around and shout back at Shannon, then suddenly she slips on her dress and falls to the floor. I pause for a sec and then I’m like- ‘Oh, still filming! where were we?’ And we keep going once she gets up. It was hilarious and she was ok. A bruised hand today, but didn’t really even notice until later in the day. Then again it could have been bruised from her slapping me on the face a lot. just kidding. We do easy light slaps and fake sell it for camera. Well, we did until the last take, which landed crazy hard and gave me a headache for 20 minutes. Luckily the camera was on the reaction side and got the real ‘Ow that fucking smarts!’ face when I turn my head. Nice! Lotta great shots for that scene.

We had some extras for the dance class and needed them to look shocked and confused at the scene we created, so Erika came up with this genius idea to stage a ‘Bale-out’ with Benji while the camera gets their real reactions. It was glorious! The sad part was that I didn’t know how to work the little digital camera he handed me seconds before and didn’t tape it from my angle. Doh! I need to learn how to use a digital camera like that. I just rarely use one since I still haven’t gotten around to owning one. I’m using my boyfriend’s old one. It takes nice pictures but it’s a bit slow between takes. I think later they staged some reenactments with the set photographer for fun. At least we recorded the sound. Then maybe we can ‘leak’ it just before the movie is released and boost publicity. No actually let’s not. It would make a hilarious extra on the dvd though. It went on way long so it seemed even more real. Then Melanie couldn’t take it any longer and went to go talk to erika, which was totally convincing, but unfortunately she was in the shot, so we may not be able to use that section on the wide take. I think it was plenty long though, so Daniel should be good. At the end Daniel came out and was all up in Benji’s face then they all turned around and were like- ‘Just Kidding!’ and hugged and stuff. Everyone had a good laugh.

We finished that whole scene and had a little time left, but not enough to try and get much, so we went and hit up some of the montage bits we missed on Day 1. It was wacky and fun. I also rub shannon’s feet sitting on the window sill, and managed to not fall out the window. Yay. then afterward people came up to me and were like- ‘Way to take one for the team.’ And I’m thinking, ‘they’re just feet.’ But then I realize they mean getting slapped a dozen times. Oh, no problem. Anytime.

At lunch there was an announcement to everyone to be nicer to the tattoo parlor next door because they had complained people were being douchey. I had no idea what was up and then someone else said that they were the ones seen being douchey. Either way I was totally able to channel that bad vibe into my scene that day. Yay! In the end I think it’s moot because we’ve gone over there to chat and get tattoo quotes. Benji got 2 little tattoos last night! So now they are our friends. I’ll probably get mine there when they are done. A little heart with an L.L. in it. Really small one though.

Yesterday was supposed to be Nicole’s first shoot day, but we didn’t get to that scene in time. Doh! She was there all day in her little outfit and makeup, and didn’t get to play at all. Sadness.

After we finished, no one tried to shove me out the door this time. I think they figured out how all that dinner scheduling works so we don’t have to worry about that anymore.

Then I went back home after eating and did the usual. Shower, go online for a while, blog. Not call my boyfriend even though I miss him since we both hate talking on the phone. I works well that way really. Don’t get me wrong here, I hate talking to anyone on the phone, not just him. 😉

I think those are the main points from day 2. I posted pictures on my facebook actor page.

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