Day 3 – Potential Cry Fest

May 28th, 2009 ~ 8:16 pm

We were slated to just be doing scene 38a, b, and c today. 38A was easy and quick and Nicole finally got on camera! Yay! Then 38B was lots of fun with little improvised sections. Everyone maintained awesome energy throughout the whole thing, which was tough because it was a lot of dancing. I got to wear a much cuter shirt with my workout pants today. I also used my dance shoes I brought. Yay! And my hair and make up is subtly cuter by this point in the story. Yay again!

At lunch there was some drama with vegetarians being sad about lack of choices. I guess I might be cranky too if I didn’t eat and didn’t like anything that was there. I’m glad I am cool with eating meat because that beef stew was great for the rainy day we got (which, of course, was exactly what Erika had pictured.) Erika had a little pow-wow with the upset folks, and then I think things got resolved? Maybe? We went back to work either way. Hoepfully people are happy. i want people to be happy.

Today there was a minor crisis where the little girl playing 7 year old Toni got stage fright and canceled. I texted friends I knew had lived in Chicago if they knew of people with kids nearby here that might have a girl that looks like me. She was supposed to come in at 3 or 4 today, but in the end it was ok because the end of 38c was pushed to Saturday. Sounds like they found a girl so i think we’re good.

We made it to our first on screen kiss this afternoon. Ooh la la! Then it was all about being upset. Melanie nailed her close ups. Then we turned it around and everyone nailed theirs. Considering it was late in the day, we all kept our energy going and stayed really with it to the end.
It was a scene I hadn’t really nailed in rehearsal. I know when I nail something and I wasn’t before. Today, I fucking nailed it. On almost every take, even the ones I wasn’t in the frame. It’s where I come out to my mother, so I channeled specific gay people in my life and how hard it must have been carrying that burden of shame and finally releasing it. The work I did with Craig before I left totally paid off today. He will be so proud. (I was also channeling all the Prop 8 protesters back home too, since I can’t be there with them, I’m there in my creative spirit.) We made the owner of the building cry. That’s awesome. That’s what we want. We want to be able to make a 60-something year old man cry. Guys, have I mentioned this movie is going to be awesome? Near the end I was starting to get in my head and lose my momentum, but i think I faked it well enough, and I know I got it good in my closest shots. After I got those out, I was touch and go, but stayed there as best I could. Though, Nicole is like master of getting my water works going. so every time I turn and I look into her eyes she just makes me cry. She is really good at this whole acting thing.

I’m really proud of everyone’s work today. We are making some pretty amazing movie magic happen here.

The rest of the night I’ve been in my room. Shannon came up to run lines for the morning stuff. some folks went out to a new bar downtown that just opened, but I was tired and wanted to go over the scene anyway. Again, Craig will be so proud. Ha ha.

Tomorrow – New Set!

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