Day 4 – The One Where Benji Kicks an Extra

May 29th, 2009 ~ 7:48 pm

This morning we took a field trip to a medical training facility for some of the hospital scenes. More Emotional stuff! Me and Shannon both felt a little off, but worked our way into it. We got through it and I only walked full-on into a C-stand once. I should look where I’m going sometimes. (interestingly, while we were shooting our scene about hearing the unborn babies, big Brett’s wife was having a real life ultra sound at the very same time. Neat-o!)

Got that knocked out and moved on to me and Benji’s scene in the hallway. Once again, we were both just off. I dont’ know what it was today, everything was just a little off. These scenes weren’t worked as much in rehearsal, but still. Eventually we got it as well and were fine. yay!

As far as the Blog title today – here is what happened: While I was doing my scene with Shannon, I would come out the door where Benji was getting ready and punch and kick the air to hype up to be angry. It helps get my heart rate up and my breathing in a more excited state. Just something I do before a fight scene or an angry scene. So while I’m going Punch-punch-punch-punch-punch-kick Punch-punch-punch-punch-punch-kick, Benji is off to the side just cracking up. He was like- ‘It was like you were dancing!’ So then every so often while were were between takes he’d break into the punchy dance. Well, after we got the scene wrapped he goes into it and one of our ‘doctors’ walks up from behind him just as he goes to kick back and he whacks her in the side of the leg I think. It was hilarious. I mean, she was fine. It wasn’t like a real kick. I do find it really funny that Benji is like our fake diva on set.

We wrapped there and everyone moved back downtown. Those poor crew guys had to haul everything back up the 2 flights of stairs. Whew! Even Daniel got in on the hauling action. That’s how you know it’s an indie, when the director/producer is helping haul stuff. 😉

Lunch was the stellar lasagna again. Oh man, once again, I ae WAY too much. it’s just soooo good. and there was veggie lasagna so everyone could enjoy it.

The afternoon stuff was going to be tough because we had lots of pages to cover in only a few hours and it was a really heavy emotional scene as well. (I swear it’s a comedy!) We skipped the beginning of the scene and got into the meat of it pretty quick. Only thing was, both me and Nicole didn’t really feel quite there yet. And then once we got into the space and were present and connected, a huge loud bus or motorcycle would blast by outside the windows. Oh man! It was RIDICULOUS today. There was a point where, I swear, we held for like 3 straight minutes, just rolling, waiting for the traffic to quiet down. What the F, Champaign?! Do people just circle the block in a damn motorcycle? It was unbelievable today. We still got it, but man was it rough to work today. Challenging scene anyway, but then you just keep kicking yourself when you let yourself be distracted. Ugh! but yeah, we still got all the peices nailed, just not all in one shot at a time. They gave us plenty of takes so we were satisfied with it too.

Then they went and set up the Beauty Shot. The crew had spent like 3 hours building a Jib and then in the end it didn’t fit in the loft! They ended up rigging something like a tripod or a C-stand thing and then tied a rope to the camera or some other such MacGyver shit and got this gorgeous shot from above the studio lights. Plus the sun was setting and hitting the wall just right. It was amazing. That dance studio location is such a magical space. This is a script that uses location as extension of character. So it’s so great that they found such great locations for everything. It’s like they leaped off the page into existence for them.

We had a little light left and shot the intro shot into the scene, so we’ll have to hit that tomorrow. It’s not a ton though, so it shouldn’t be too hard. And we got through 10 pages today, so that’s not too shabby.

When we got back home, we heard music coming from the open room near the workout area. There was a big salsa lesson hapening. I guess it’s every friday. I had to go deliver some dinner to Melanie and Shannon so I wandered away while Benji and Nicole were watching for a bit. I guess Benji went in and people recognized him and such. Tee hee hee. hopefully he talked to them about being extras next week.

Tomorrow we hit the early dressing room scene at local theater and then come back to finish today’s scene and then finish Wednesday’s scene as well. we still have one more montage peice to do too. Then we are done with the studio space until my Tux is done.

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