Day 5 – Melanie Nails it

May 31st, 2009 ~ 8:10 pm

Friday we made the owner of the building cry. Saturday, we even made a grip cry. Success!

Saturday was all over the map emotionally. We shot the first scene of the film which is all super over the top, sass, and camp. My cuticle was bleeding a tiny bit and I got blood on my shirt that I had to suck out. Mmmm. But that’s’ what you have to do. It came out so we were fine. There was a lot of makeup and hair needs that day because it’s right after a competition. We were in this perfect narrow dressing room. Melanie, Shannon and Benji were all awesomely big and sassy. It will be incredibly funny.

We knocked that one out of the park and moved back to the studio to pick up the start of the scene from the day before. While we were setting up Brett stood in for Benji and did a full on Micheal Jackson impression around me. It was the funniest thing ever. It’s on the Leading Ladies Movie facebook page. They brought in Nicole to do a really quick shot that will use awesome post magic to remove the camera in the mirror if they end up using the shot.

We go all that scene done and then it was time for Melanie’s big scene where she has to cry. And man. there wasn’t a dry eye in the house. That woman rocked it yesterday. Like seriously beautiful. I don’t think she even realizes what she did. They got the whole thing without having to cut, and then she moved right on into the line. she’s nailing it. It’s so great to work with her. she always gives me what I need. and she doesn’t even know how good she is. Oh, she is just so lovable.

So we went through the scene and brought in the little girl that will play young me in the film. They had another there on standby because the one they used wasn’t an actress and they worried she might get scared. She was a little girl they found next door at the tattoo parlor on Friday. Her dad works there. they saw her and she looks like a little me. The other girl will be able to be used for Shannon when there is time to dye her hair. it was light brown, almost blond, which is why they went with the brunette girl from next door. So amazing how things work out. Her mom and sister were there and I made sure to hang out with them and pay attention to the sister since she doesn’t get to be in the movie. It was like little flashbacks to going to see my sisters dance and being a little jealous deep down. (also totally using that as part of my character.)

They dressed her in the shirt and tank top I was wearing so i had to take it off and put on another shirt. then as we were losing light, I took it off and was walking around in a sports bra in search of a shirt. Mario offered a Shamwow. Not quite big enough, but we tried. Then 5 seconds later i had my shirt back.

The little girl totally listened to want they needed from her and we got all the shots and then some. It was awesome. Everything worked out so well. At this point I am not even surprised. There is so much serendipity in the production it feels like a dream.

We were all really giddy at dinner. We got SO much of the film done this week. Most of the dialogue heavy scenes are done. We still have a bunch, but not really crying anymore. I know the dance stuff will be pretty exhausting but in a different way.

That night we were going to hang at the sound guys’ room. We went to a convenience store but teh selection was mediocre for liquor. The woman there suggested we go to another store up the street. she said it was an A-rab store, but they had a lot of selection. At the time i thought it was sort of funny, like she said it as a joke as one might. then we got outside and nicole was like- ‘did she just say A-rab?’ and I’m like- ‘oh… yeah, I kind of hoped she said it ironically.’ No. She really called it an A-rab store. wow. Living in a city sometimes makes me forget some people say things like that without blinking.

We do end up going there and getting booze. I had to send Nicole in without me because they were burning incense so i couldn’t breathe. We go to the party around 11 and there are some folks there. More people filter in and i think I stayed until about 3am. It was fun. The whole wardrobe department came out which was great because we don’t get to see them much. they are working like fiends so i’m glad they got to relax for a bit. At one point some non-movie people came by from another party to see if we needed anything and that they might bring their party down there. They went away and i didn’t see them. I gues they came back later with like 10 dudes and The sound guys were like- ‘umm… a bunch of college dudes we don’t know, getting really drunk…. um, no.’ and sent them back home. I mean, if they got sick there or caused damage, or whatever, they don’t want to get the production in trouble since the building owners are being more than generous. At least with crew they sort of know people and know they are going to have to be responsible enough since they are on a job. I guess Nicole rocked it until 4:30 or so. Not sure how late anyone else was there. I was amazed I kept going so long after the long ass day. But more people came by i wanted tot talk to and I had a bunch of rum and coke. The soda, not the drug. ha ha. Don’t think there were any scandalous stories from last night. No hookups that we knew of – this time. 😉

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