Day off!

May 31st, 2009 ~ 8:55 pm

Today was one of my few days off. I woke up a bit early, like 9:30ish. Not too hung over. Shameem is now our personal chef on Sundays so Gretchen can have a day off too. So she was over to do brunch and then came back this evening and made dinner. We are so spoiled right now.

she’s actually a teacher but does a bit of catering on the side. It was like a full fancy restaurant plating for dinner. Chicken marlasa with potato/celery root puree , asparagus and roasted pine nuts. Yeah. Oh, and then freaking tirimisu for dessert. Yeah. Spoiled rotten. i felt like a panel member on Iron Chef or something. It was crazy good. And Benji went out with some members form the local church he goes to, so Gretchen got in on the action.

I realized that since Shameem is an educator she might know my friends’ dad in Rantoulle. Turns out she does, and Susan was her student teacher! Small world!!

Other than basking in personal chef glory, I got a 2 hour nap, a trip to walgreens and a visit to Urban Outfitters. not too shabby. I think i might get 2 days off next week when we are shooting the musical number sections I am not in. I’d stay to watch, but they are night shoots, so we’ll see how that feels.

Tomorrow I get up early and go with Erika and some of the other leads (whoever wakes up early) to be on a local morning news show. Fun! then we can nap since our call times are shifting to later this week.

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  1. Susan says:

    oh and just so you know (you can delte this message after you read it) it's shameem not shameen. Just so you know!

  2. -Laurel- says:

    Oh I know- I realized that the next day when we were telling Brett about how awesome she was.

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