Day 6 – Favorite scene: Drag Queen!

June 1st, 2009 ~ 8:04 pm

Sometimes things happen that are beyond your wildest expectations. Today was one of those days.

There is a scene in the movie where a drag queen gives me some advice in the ladies room. Pretty awesome no matter what, right? So they find a drag queen performing at the local gay club and one of her dresses has these giant eyes on the boobs. You couldn’t have planned that better! It was beyond perfect. It was like my character’s fears of everyone watching her at this gay club, flirting with some girl, realized in the bosom of a 6 foot tall drag queen. Her boob eyes were right at my eye level. It was glorious. I’m hoping I will have time to see her perform here in Champaign before I leave. Though she’s moving to Vegas soon she said, so maybe I’ll end up seeing her there sometime.

After that we moved back to start shooting at the Rialto Space. We have a hallway scene upstairs. My allergies had started kicking up a notch that afternoon at the first location, and by the time I got to the Rialto it was almost unbearable. I tried real good Sudafed, 12 hour. then I tried the little quick ones, to see if it would help. Nope. Nose still running like a faucet and itchy. It was terrible. And we were running behind, so I was there in the space even longer. It’s old. It’s dusty. and even in teh holding area, there is hair spray and people’s perfumes, etc. I actually did better outside, but then thre was a thunder shower and I had to go back in. Anyway. It was annoying and hopefully soon I’ll get soemthing stronger than Clatratin. It aint cutting it.

Nicole got to wear this super cute vintage dress and saddle shoes. I felt like she was totally out of my league, which is exactly what it should be like for my character. But yeah, the styles for this film are stellar. I totally take so much from my wardrobe into my character. Like I take on physical traits from the clothes I wear. It’s so cool. Like the whole team works together to shape these characters. And they are all unique and lovable in their own ways. I freaking love this movie.

Oh- Also this morning we got up and went to a news station to do a morning show at 6:30 or so. It was breif, but Erika got to promote and thank a bunch of the local businesses who helped us. she didnt’ get a chance to thank the Reichards (spelling?), who have been big supporters from day 1 here. But they know we love ’em. They only had 2 extra mics, so Benji got one and Shannon got the other. I didn’t want to have one because I worried I’d say something I shouldn’t. I don’t know what, but I didn’t want to have one. The couch fit 3, so Nicole and I stood behind it and looked pretty. Speaking of Pretty, Circles, a local boutique loaned Erika a sweet suit to wear. she was so sad she had to give it back. when this movie makes them millions of dollars she will probably come back and buy it.

Me and Nicole got to watch Benji and Jordan (who plays Benji’s boyfriend in the film) choreographing their big swing number they’ll be doing this week. It’s going to be so awesome. And its’ to this awesome song that Daniel will perform (or lipsync, but it’s actually one of his songs). I have to admit I put off listening to any of Daniel’s stuff because I worried I wouldn’t like it. It’s kind of a dumb reason, but what if I didn’t like it? I wouldnt’ want to know that. Turns out I super like it! Yay! i don’t know why I thought I might not, but indie music can be so hit and miss for me.

I guess that’s it for now. Other stuff probably happened, but I was so focused on my miserable nose, I wasn’t paying a ton of attention today. ugh. Please let tomorrow be a lower pollen/dust count.

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