October 6th, 2010 ~ 4:25 pm

Then this week I booked a big role on an upcoming web series. A couple rad things: my character is written to be steampunk (!!!) plus I get to have an accent. I auditioned with a sort of middle class (at least how I interpret it) British. I am no expert on the various dialects, so I just base it on how it sounds. I do another nondescript lower class version, but this one felt more appropriate. It’s a sci-fi series and I’ll be a large guest role. I’m not sure how long episodes will be or how many I’m in. It’s going to be super fun! Hopefully they have a budget for awesome costumes, but that’s me being a little selfish because I want to dress awesome. Either way it’s a delightful character. We don’t have a shoot schedule yet, but hopefully in the next month or so we will get started.

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