Weekend activities

October 18th, 2010 ~ 11:16 am

Saturday I had an audition for a punk rock bartender character, so I went really literal and wore a Little Bar tank top and my belt with the ‘Rock’ buckle. I also got a decent faux hawk going. I think they got a kick out of it at the very least.
After the audition I went to a table read for the director of Follower. He’s finishing up a screenplay, so it was time to hear it out loud. It’s a dark character piece. I picked the snarky pot head character, since I still looked like a punk. It was kind of funny since that’s basically the character I was playing in Follower. It seemed like everyone’s feedback was helpful for him since it’s so close to finished.

On Sunday I had a rehearsal for the short I’ll be shooting this weekend. It went really well. I get to wear a really cute dress that I wish was mine. Alas, i’ll have to give it back. I came up with a funny title for the piece. We’ll see if she uses it. There’s a bit of dialog about this nightstand and it’s about two exes hooking up one night even though the guy has a new girlfriend. So I suggested ‘One Nightstand.” I am a sucker for puns!

Then I went and edited some clips of films I’ve done so I can post more media on my character pages. I don’t want a reel that’s to long, but there are some fun scenes I want to post for folks who want to see extra stuff. It took a while to render, so I’ll probably post them tonight.

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