Migraines & Makeouts

October 27th, 2010 ~ 12:14 am

This weekend I shot a short film for a USC grad student. Friday the lead guy was shooting a western out in the desert, so the other actress and I split the day shooting our solo stuff. It worked out really well. She was done in the morning and then I came over. Efficiency! Then I was done by 4 so I could work that night and not be behind on day-job work.

Saturday we did not shoot. I had some workshops and some auditions. I started not feeling well so I cancelled my second one. I stayed in that night and got up to go to bed a bit before midnight. I put my laptop in my bag and then when I went to go pick up the mouse and stuff my hands felt all weird, like I was holding something. They were tingly and sort of felt like the traded places. And the room felt all wonky and suddenly I couldn’t speak. I’d try to form words and sentences, but nothing or nonsense would come out. I finally got out the words that I should go to the hospital. You know, in case I had a stroke. Not being able to speak and having tingly hands is scary.

After some tests they determined my brain was ok and it was a migraine. I had no idea they could do that, but they totally can! Good to know. By the time we left the emergency room at like 4 am I had my words back- I also had a really bad painful migraine by then. So I went to sleep and hoped for the best for Sunday.

I could sleep in a bit since my call was at 11. I was still dizzy and tired, but I got up and pulled myself together. I felt ok at the beginning of the day, but after a couple hours I got hit with a regular migraine. Blind spots. Headache, but not super bad. Luckily most of the day we were lying in a big comfy bed so I could doze in and out between takes. It helped a bit. I was feeling pretty crappy most of the afternoon but felt ok at the end. Just in time for our big makeout scene. I just go in the door and we kind of attack each other. It is sort of hilarious and intense. Like, I haven’t done one like that.
I generally dislike the love scene type stuff, but you gotta do it when you’re an actor. And my boyfriend isn’t weird about it, so that’s good. It’s just weird when you’re doing it. It’s like, ‘this dude isn’t my boyfriend. How do we make this not be awkward?’ Teamwork. Ha ha. It was actually fun though since it’s so aggressive. It’s more awkward when I am kissing a dude all romantic like. This was almost like a fight and fights are fun. We had another normal kissing scene earlier in the day, but it was short.
I’m also mostly in my underwear with just a Tshirt on. It’s quite the saucy project. I should really get in better shape if I am going to be in my underwear on camera so much though. Goals!

The footage was really nice, so I think it’s going to be good. I think it will be done before the end of the year.

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