Samurai film!

November 3rd, 2010 ~ 11:48 pm

Got a call today that I got a part in a short action film. I get to fight!!! YAY! Like pretty hard core fighting. I have a month to prep. Very excited. There is some sword fighting stuff but i’ll mostly be regular street fighting, sans weapons. Just my guns *flexes biceps…. waits for laughs*.

It is shooting over a weekend that I was going to do some background stuff on another short. Normally I don’t do background stuff, but this is a period piece and I love dressing up. It also takes place in a mental hospital, so I figure it will be fun. If I’d only be needed the first 2 days I can do both. but if they are shooting the group stuff on the weekends then I’ll have to drop out. i’m waiting to hear back from that project. I haven’t done my costume fitting yet and they have a month, so if they do need to replace me they have enough time. Hopefully it will work out.

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